Saturday, October 23, 2010


My phone rang this morning while I was eating breakfast--
Hello--this is your "calgon mobile" when would like me to pick you up????
Oh boy--I am gonna get out of "dodge" for awhile--
we decided on 11:30 am!!!!

You do remember that probably 80's commercial  about the bubble bath made by Calgon co. or whoever and how they would say--
Calgon take me away!!!
They meant this way--
a nice soak in the bubbles!!!
So earlier this week I had called my girl friend, Denise and said--
"Calgon take me away"--  we had a good laugh!!!
Then she does call this morning and said she was the Calgon driver--
and that she was going to take me away!!!!  Bless her!!!

but first we did the "kitten" thing--
we were easily able to get "Ace" in a carrier--
and he was sooo funny--never even fussed--just looked around--
like he knew it was his turn!!!!

Then off Denise I went--but first she gave me this--

we went to Micheal's craft shop--
Then through Wendy's drive thur--
then on to Jo Ann's---
here is my "loot"--
three more skeins of baby yarn for hats--
got one with a 40% off coupon at Micheal's 
and the other two with coupons at JoAnn's--
love those colors!!
Three more items at Micheals--the mini punch is a cat!!!!
the first package is charms that spell--"wish"---

got these at JoAnn's for a dollar a group--am thinking Christmas decorations here!!!

and at JoAnn's parking lot I took these two fall pictures--

Fall is getting close to ending--by the looks!!!

Brought to you by "Gracie"--
Hi--mom's blog friends--
I really love it here at my new Mom's house--
She feeds me "3" times a day--the soft stuff--
plus I always have some crunches in a bowl if I get the "hungries" in between those meals--WOW--we only got to eat once a day at the old place and I had to share with my brother and sisters there!!!!
Mom throws paper wads for me to play with--
she gave me a very special scratching pad--
that is taking me alittle bit to figure out--
but I will get it one of these days--

Oh--she asked me to give you a Kitty litter update--
she went back to the old pine nuggets--and mixed it with alittle plain old cheap clay litter that has no scents or anything in it--
For Cameo--she had used the Wheat--said that was terrible--
and a paper kind--that was not good and she was mixing it with some scented clay kind that Amy had brought--soooo!!!!
She kinda wishes she didn't have to have litter of any kind--
but we really haven't had time to teach me how to use the "toilet" yet!!!!!
Be good now you all!!!!
and enjoy some Calgon time this week end--
Hey where did that pup come from??????

Hugs, Di and That darn cat!!!


  1. Congratulations on the new family member, Di! How did I miss yesterday's big news??? Well you have a gorgeous new kitty there, I'm so glad she's HOME! My cats have that same scratching pad, they really love it! She'll get it eventually, I'm sure! Enjoy her! :-)

  2. Hi Di and Gracie! It sounds like you both had a lovely day. I remember Calgon commercials, so I guess that tells you how old I am. I want to see what you make with the kitchen utensils!

  3. I,too, remember those calgon commercials. Hadn't thought of them for ages. Looks like you had a very profitable shopping trip. I keep meaning to ask you about the pattern for the baby knit hats. Did you get it on line? Love you new little buddy. But, then I adore cats. Hope you will post pictures of your Christmas ornaments when you get them finished. Nola

  4. Gracie looks like she is making herself right at home. And you are spoiling her rotten, which is as it should be.
    I love the heart shaped measuring spoons. Cute idea to decorate with them. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  5. Never had Calgon ads in Aussie.
    Love the mug your friend gave you Di.
    Sounds like you all had a good time today,even Gracie.

  6. Maybe you should get down on all fours and have a manicure? She'll get it then :) And don't forget photos!

  7. Congratulations Di, I am so pleased for you and Gracie.I need some Calgon time today. What a great mug!!


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