Wednesday, October 27, 2010


that it is still "very" dark at 6 am in the morning?????
But I did get up--even after a "restless" night with Gracie--
don't know why she was so restless--but she was!!!!

Carol came for me at 6:45 and she already had Ace--
we went and caged up Meme and off to the Clinic we went!!!
It was rather funny traveling there--as first Ace would say "meow"--
the Meme would go "meow" and then Ace would go "meow" and then Meme would go "meow"!!!! and they did this all the way there--just wished I could of recorded it--it was sooo sweet really!!!!

Late morning I went down and got the Mail--

Ok the first item is just a bank statement--
and you can see what the second item is--booo!!!
But what is this "third" item--
What a Pretty package--let's open this baby up---
Ohhhhhhh!!!! Do you see what I see????
a bag of dark chocolate---oh Yummmy!!!!
But what is this--
What an adorable bag--did some one send Gracie something--
I am getting "jealous" here!!!
Oh look--
it is for me--a piece of cat fabric--fall leaf buttons and fall note cards--
how sweet this is tooooo!!!!!
Let's see what else there is????
Oh now here is my afternoon entertainment--(provided I can stay awake long enough to read them today!!!)  here is three of my favorite magazines--
Oh and a card--
Oh how pretty--and it even has a nice message inside of it--
Oh you want to know "who" sent it????
None other than my friend Alice--at
What a beautiful surprise--Alice--I can not thank you enough--
and the timing is perfect---Thank you again!!!
Blog friends are the best!!!!!

I know that some of you had some really "weird" and bad weather the last two days--am so sorry--
but here today it was soooo pretty and warm--about 74 out there--that I decided that I just had to go for a walk late this afternoon and enjoy it -- instead of sewing!!!!
so here is some pictures of my walk--

and some colors other than really fall ones--
but these where out there today--

Now I did do some house work and I did work on a couple quilt projects and I did finish a baby hat and started another one!!!!
so I was very good girl today--
so Alice can I "pretty" please have some chocolate now??????

Hugs, Di and Gracie


  1. What a nice package you received today!! Lucky girl. So, inquiring minds want to know, is Ace a boy or a girl???? Your walk was gorgeous. I think we photographed the same bush today. Were you by any chance in PA? LOL!

  2. The magazines look interesting! Lovely photos, Di - I love autumn leaves.

  3. I spy our aussie mag, Handmade. Hope you enjoyed reading it Di... and snacking on that yummy chocolate.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  4. Your walks look amazing! Beautiful!

  5. Great walk,Fall is such apretty time of year.


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