Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I know--it's me again!!!!

But Mom said I could share the Good News with you!!!
first and this may be kinda funny--
Ace my brother--may be my sister instead?????
They will find out tomorrow--can't wait to see--
of course I "really" know the answer to this--
but I am keeping my lips "zipped"!!!!

Any ways--"Ace" is getting a new home on Thursday--hurray!!!!
And--Meme will have a new home as of tomorrow night--hurray!!!!

My Mom went over twice today and seen my sister Meme--
and she warmed up to Mom and like the rest of us--
couldn't get enough loving--
some lady wants another kitten like Meme--so---

Tomorrow morning at 6:45--Carol is picking Mom up and they will go and crate
Meme (Ace will already been in his crate) and they are taking them to the Clinic to be fixed (Mom says I am next--not too sure I want to find out what "fixing" means??)
and they will get all there shots and stuff--Meme's new mom will pick her up at the Clinic in the evening---

so Mom will be out of the "Cat Operations Feed" after tomorrow morning--
she says she will really be able to spoil me then--can't wait!!!!

Mom did get alittle hand quilting done when her friend, Anne, was here this morning--I even let Anne pick me up and play with me alittle--I can tell by her "smell" she loves kitty's toooooo!!!!!

My Mom says to tell you she really misses "posting" and sewing--
not sure why--as she has me now!!!!!

Oh My--I think I seen a "mousey" soo I gotta run for now---

Hugs, Gracie and Di


  1. Meow, Gracie! Tell Mom that we miss her too. I hope she gets to post once in awhile. I hope you're getting lots of loving, and mom's getting some sewing done.

  2. Yay!!! Glad things are sorting themselves out and all the kitties are getting adopted.

  3. So pleased that Mum will soon have time to sew and post again. Even though I must say you have done a great job Gracie while she has been busy helping your sisters find new homes.You are lucky to have such a loving caring Mum.

  4. *LOL* Cute post. I haven't been posting lately either but unfortunately it's not because of a cat. I love cats but don't have one. My sis-in-law had a cat named Timmy who turned out to be a girl too. Don't tell Ace but they nicknamed her wide butt instead cause they couldn't think of renaming her/him. Tell mom I promise to post more soon and hope once she gets the others settled she'll be able to as well.

  5. Lol@ Shirleymac...my friend had a cat named "Fat Boy." Very sweet guy. Felt funny saying, "Come here, fat boy!" Anyway, glad you're doing well Gracie, and your sisters(!) too!

  6. Hi Di (sorry, I know Gracie wrote this post!), sounds like you are enjoying having Gracie around so much!! What a good idea getting her to write your posts so that you have more sewing time!! PS great to heat that the rest of the family are going to homes too.

  7. Everybody's found a home now, right? Great job!


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