Sunday, October 31, 2010


Sooooo--here is a picture of both kinds of the candy corn!!!!

Look at the goodies-----yummmmm
OK--Mom I see you fingering your kids stash of "sugar"!!!

See I was good--I only got a donut, some cider and 4 pieces---yep 4 pieces of the chocolate candy corns!!!!!

Hugs Di & Gracie!!!


Michelle May said...

Happy Halloween Di and Gracie!
I would eat the donut too! Sounds yummy!
xx, shell

alice said...

Happy Halloween!!
Like your placemat!
CeCe, Murphy and Squeaks say Boo to Gracie.

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Mmmmm the donut looks yummy.

Grethe said...

Looks like the donuts easily could be eaten here as well!.Nice place-
mat.But Halloween goes so quickly. Nice seeing you pictures,as always:-)

Linda said...

I would have been happy with that donut and no candy. It looks so yummy! So happy to hear that they are painting and that you are doing ok. I was worried about you. And lastly - I happy that Gracie is such a good kitty for you. She looks so sweet.

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