Friday, October 15, 2010




Wow--what wonderful blog friends I have--
I was "soooo" afraid that I would lose you all--
after yesterdays post--thank you for all the "sweet" words you sent me
along with all the good wishes!!!

Things have been stressful this week--
and this very damp weather that we are having here in NY
is really raising cane with me---I hurt and ache all day now!!!
But--you can't stop "me" for long--sooooo!!!!!!

Here is what I have spent the better part of my sewing time on--
this week--
This is another block on the Christmas quilt from last year--
it does take alot of time sometimes to do applique--
and this one has a ways to go--the big brown thingy there at the top will be a pinecone--there is 2-3 more to stitch on --plus some pine leaves---fun!!!!
this block should be the hardest one--sooooo!!!!!

And then remember I have been working on this--
as you can see--the basket is now empty of all the files--
most of the files have been sorted out--
but now I need to do some new refiling of the patterns--
then--then I have to decide if they are going back in here --or?????
(just don't tell anyone where all these files are right now--
On the dinning room table!!!!)

Report on the Kittens--
I was able to pet the black one again "Ace"--
and I was able to pet "Gracie"--Gracie is 3 colored--but very light colored with no real big spots--all colors are blended in--she is a pretty one--I even reached down and picked her up--for a minute-until she realized what I had done--and she wanted down--so I set her down real quick--this is what we did to Morris, while we were training him---the other two gals would not get too close today--but getting two of them to let you pet them is a miracle to me!!!!

the real problem here is the humans---
they keep telling us to catch them and crate them--
but then they have NO answer as to who is going to come and get them--and they tell us there is no place for them--
so now you tell me--what are we suppose to do with them?????
and I do believe--Gracie is gonna have babies---when I picked her up--she had a big fat tummy----oh dear!!!!!!!

I even went over to Walmart this afternoon on the little bus--
found a pair of chocolate colored cotton twill pants for $3.00-
a sleeveless t-shirt in a pretty peach color for $3.00-
and I got a new 3/4 length t-shirt for $8.00--
so that made me "smile"!!!!!

That's all folks--
Have a wonderful week end--
Yep--it's week end time again--
Hugs, Di


  1. G'eve ~ Today is a enw day, yesterday is gone ... tomorrow will be beautiful!

    Smile ...

    Have a beautiful PS weekend ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. Ooh,love the block. Very pretty!
    Hope she is not with kitten--finding a home for the two of them seems to be hard enough.
    Glad you could pet them though.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Love the cardinals. Applique does take a very long time.

    Oooh! The basket's empty! Great job.

  4. I am so glad for your shopping success...always glad to see what you are up to!!


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