Thursday, October 28, 2010


Don't we all "love" to have the "last word" in a conversation or an argument???
Well--today I "finished" the last word in the "Gifts of Grace" bom!!!!
and you see what the word is don't you---
probably what half of us need to have at any given moment!!!

Hummmmm--it looks like I need a cat in the house--
look at those mice---wonder where "Gracie" is?????
Ahhhh--there's my girl!!!!
Hey Gracie--
You look like you are amused????
Is it because you knew all along whether "Ace" was a little boy kitty or a little girl kitty???
Well--the secret is out now!!!
Ace is really a Miss Ace!!!!!!
I truly think this is soooo funny---I have to tell you---I really really thought Ace was a Mr. Ace---Surprise--Di!!!!
Now Ace has gone to live with his new family and they adore her--and we also learned that Ace's new daddy works at the Church where our "run a way" Emma has been sighted and he told Carol that yes he has seen a kitten like Emma -- so he will be watching for her and see if he can get to be friends with her--so she can have her turn at the "clinic"!!!!!

Now to "other" news---
The are doing the painting of the hallway by my door today--
so had to grab some Clothes out of a closet that is next to an outside hallway wall-- and then had to move out some fabric storage bins so I could hang my clothes in the bedroom closet--as a result this is how my apartment looks tonight!!!!
Dinning room--

and here is the bedroom--
won't be getting to the cutting table any time soon!!!
But I also managed to get the Fall tote down off the top shelf--
there is alot of wall hangings and some quilts--oh where to put them?????
But hey look--
I am all decorated for Fall now--
Okay--you win----I have "unpacked" somewhat the fall things--as for actually being decorated----wellllllll---------???????

Well that's all for today---
see ya soon--
Hugs, Di and an amused "Gracie"


  1. aqqqqqqqq <----message from CeCe. Not sure what it means, but maybe it was written to Gracie.
    Glad someone else has a space problem. I wouldn't want to be alone.
    Your block is gorgeous.

  2. Hi Di and Gracie,
    Your block looks lovely.No we don't want any of that white stuff yet;. Gracie how are you feeling after your trip to the clinic? Is Di giving you lots of treats? Tell her not to share her chocolate( as if,hehe) its bad for kitties!!
    Oh renovations are a pain but its always so refreshing when its done Sweet dreams.

  3. Gracie you are one lucky gal to have such a wonderful mama! I bet she'll even make you your very own quilt!
    xx, shell


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