Friday, October 29, 2010


Wrong kind of snow bound---
let's try this again---
Okay---now we are talking---
another bom finished--
I just might get them all done yet????

Now you all--
Be mighty careful this week end--
there is all kinds of "things" that are scary out there--
Even this can be "scary"---if one eats too much of it!!!!
Sweets to all--
from Gracie----

Hugs, Di


alice said...

well done!!! You still have two days left.
Want candy!!!

sunny said...

Step away from the candy corn! I'm trying to stay away this year, now that I'm diabetic, but it's not easy! I wish I had done Snowbound, but decided not to try since I was just learning to sew and quilt. Maybe next time.....

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Save some for me. I'm getting my costume made!! Knock-Knock at your door----Wish I could.

Happy Boo and scare day, DI

:) Carolyn

Joy McD said...

You are getting soooo much done! Remember to send me a tally at the end of the month for Finishing Stitches, won't you?

quilterfaye said...

Happy Halloween,Di
Hugs Faye

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Happy Halloween!!

Michelle May said...

A beautiful finish Di!

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