Thursday, October 7, 2010


I hope I did not upset anyone with my question--
I really did want to know--
because this is what happened--
or at least "what" I feel happened!!

I was dreaming the other night--I do remember that--
then all of a sudden instead of what the dream was about--
I seen a circle of the prettiest green--
(the picture was circular shape--
and in the middle of the circle stood a pure white dog--
He or she was soooo pretty--
then the picture got to where it looked like it was foggy--
and as I tryed to focus on the beautiful dog--
all of a sudden my whole body jerked and I started breathing again!!!

I truly believe that I died for a minute or less--but it was long enough to get a glimpse of heaven--But I strongly feel that God is not finished with me here on earth--
so I am not worried--and I have no fear of death!!!

I actually went back to sleep--was peaceful--
kept wanting to remember that circle of green and the white dog!!

But when I got up--
I began to wonder--
what "does" one do the next day--
after you felt you died for a minute????

Me --I stayed mostly "quite" for the day--
and I did the same thing nearly everyone said they would do--
I called my other 'sister' and talked to her for half hour--
I asked her if she would "run" to the doctors--and she said 'NO'--
which I did find rather funny as she is always at the doctors!!!

I know I have that sleep apnea--but I can not wear the mask--
Can not do alot of the tests that they would require me to take--
and can not do surgery--soooo---I have to leave my "breathing" to God--
and I know I will not go "one second" before my time!!!!

Thanks to all took the time to answer--
I do believe the "experience" has changed me--
though I can not at this time --explain how!!!

Hugs, and love to all-- Di


  1. Isn't that awesome Di...everyone who's had an experience like that feels that same peace. How comforting that must be. I'm comforted to know that you feel it!

  2. Oh sleep apnea, that explains alot. Hubby has it too. He wears the mask when he feels like it. He says that it dries his mouth out too much.

    Green circle with a dog? Hmmm interesting.

  3. Sleep apnea would explain it.... My dh has it too, but he is fine with the mask.. well I do hope you're around for a bit longer!! I'm sure God has plenty for you to do yet (if not finish some more ufos!).


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