Saturday, October 2, 2010


OK--friends--time to take a trip to the Pumpkin farm and let them pick out one!!!!
It is that time of the year---
so have fun!!!!

Let's see--
Little sister  "made" me go back to the Church sale this morning--
she said there was still some things left that was calling my "name"--
So we went over at 11 am for there bag sale--
the give you a large paper bag to fill for $3.00--
Here is what 'my' bag held--
Some "new" to me clothes--some are winter --
some are for next summer--
you get them while the getting is good!!!!
This is the design that is on the one white T-shirt is above photo!!
Now here is a strange assortment for you--
mainly baby clothes--
Hey "Di" is there something you need to be telling us?????

AH--no---believe it or not the socks are for cat toys--
the little outfits I have a recycle gift idea for--
and the other couple things are toys for Morris!!!!

and here is the 'goodies'--one snowmen with the cutest big shoes on him!!
a ball of white yarn--
3 silk scarves--
a tiny basket--
an old Canasta card game--( have never played that )--
but had to have those cards with the kitties on them!!!!
a rusted heart dish-thing!!!!
a pair of sunglasses???????
and two more plates-thingies for whatever!!!!!!

The afternoon was spent downstairs in the laundry room doing three loads of washing--
except that I get to knit on my baby hats!!!

Here's a question that a couple of you asked--
What is the spoon looking thing with the wires on it for---
Believe it or not--I had no "clue" when I picked it up--
just wanted to put it in my old collection of wood handled tools--
but the friend that took us--seen me put it in my bag--
so she had to ask around--
it was used to take hard boiled or soft boiled eggs out of the hot water!!!
there now this week end we 'all' learned something!!!!

Well be good--have some family fun--
Hugs, Di


  1. Oh I loved seeing all of your goodies and hearing about your day. Canasta is a fun game to play. We only play it once a year on a vacation with our best friends but it is so fun!

  2. Lots of goodies :) You did well with your selection. That 'spoon' is also used to froth milk too :) Love it and I love all old things like that. hugs Vicki xoxox

  3. I love the story behind old gadgets. We may have lots of modern technology but sometimes the old tools are still the best.

  4. That's quite a haul!!! Interesting spoon and the use for it sounds right.

  5. What a haul woman!! Did that all fit in the bag? Sorry you had to do laundry, but I am glad I was not the only one doing it. Misery loves company and all that. Have a great rest of your weekend. L,A-

  6. I love the 'bag'day idea.They have one occasionally at a local recycle store called "Frenchy's" you managed to geta lot of goodies!!
    we play a canasta game with friends called 'Hand and Foot" lots of team competetion with ladies winnig most of the time.Teehee!!


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