Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Sometimes one has to bring in the milk---
like preparing and cooking and then eating meals---
forget clean up--unless the sink is full of the dishes
and the cupboards are empty!!!!!!

and sometimes one has to get the hay in ---
Like doing the laundry--
but 'hey' wait a minute didn't I just do laundry a couple posts ago????
Oh that's right--that was just "extra" laundry--like sheets and towels!!!!!
Before one can play---

Today was my quilt friend --Anne's day--
we each worked on a project--
she sewed the binding on another baby quilt--
and I worked on this project--
I have since gotten alittle more done on it--
but I can tell you that mine is gonna be different--
you will have to "tune" in later --for why??????
Now here is the pictures from yesterday that I "should' of taken!!!!

I ordered these two apron patterns as they were on sale--
can't think of any better reason to buy something--
than because it is "on sale"!!!!
and I got this in the mail--
I did the stitching for Michelle over at the theraspberryrabbits.blogspot.com
a couple weeks ago and sent it back to her--
she made it into a pillow and got the pattern ready and it is available at her site--
then for doing the stitchery she sent be back the pillow--it that not great or what???
she has a new Christmas snowflake pattern I want too!!!

Picked up some "fall" color at walmart too--now to find time to do some decorating??

And here is the latest two baby hats for the hospital--
today while doing the haying--I mean -- the laundry--
I started a baby blue one!!!
I am glad --
I think--
that I am joining this group--
I need some help in getting it all together!!!!!
I was looking for a Christmas fabric in the Christmas drawer and guess what I found????

Not one--not two--but at least "3" unfinished projects from last year--
(I just remembered one of those is 3 or more years old--ouch!!!)
Plus I have fabric groups sitting and waiting for themselves turn to make up--all from last year--!!!!
( now I will not say---how many new Christmas fabrics 'me' has gotten for this year!!)
So I am taking on water here--
But I did find a cute Christmas ornament and I have made up a acouple-three--
and I really like them--so may have found the one I will make to mail in the cards for this year!!!!!  Hey and it is only first part of October---maybe there is 'hope' for this old gal yet?????

Hugs,and happy stitching to all and to all a good night!!!!!Di


  1. I love all the little knit hats that you make. Did you just decide to make them for the hospital, or is it for a special project? Do you have any crochet patterns for the hats? Nighty-night to you!

  2. I love Brutus!! I want to have time to do Brutus. I am afraid he may have to be my New Year's resolution. You got a lot done. The hats are sweet. L,A-

  3. You always have the best stitcheries! I just love them!

  4. Love the kitty! Love the apron patterns! And so glad you found some ufo's to finish!!

  5. Your hats are sweet!! They look cute on babies in the hospital and serve such an important function.(I'm a retired OBS.Nurse who appreciated such gifts)
    Lucky you finding Christmas UFO's
    Hugs Faye

  6. I'm tired of doing chores, I think it might be time to go on "chore vacation" :)

    Love the pillow. How fun that she made it and sent it back to you.

  7. The apron pattern are too cute. Funny how those UFO hide and then POP up when you least expect it. I bet I have more than I realize in the closet.


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