Monday, October 18, 2010


Little sister and I went over to feed the kittens this morning at 10:30 as usual--
BUT--the new tenant in the upstairs apartment had totally "blocked off" the entrance to the back part of the garage--and we could not get in there to feed the kitties!!!

We came back here and called a lady (Carol) who is with the humane shelter who has been working with us on this problem--she went over 2x's to talk to this man--but he was not home--so she told us to go back and see if there was some way we could feed them!!

We did--but that "mean" man was there this time--
and he did some threatening to us and would not allow us to go back in the garage--
cause I was trying to stand my ground and stood there "crying" but he would not let us in and Little sister made me leave!!!!

So we called Carol again!!!
and she called this guy--
the poor officer had no idea what was going on--but he stood there while Carol talked--
sweet as honey to this "man" about letting us in to continue to work with the kittens---
and the mean "man" finally said --Okay--but they have to be out of there in a week!!!
and --and he did not want "ME" to go with them to feed the cats--but she told him I would be good and I was the one whom the cats trusted at this point so I needed to be there!!!!
OH and now Carol has to be there each day too as we feed them!!!!!
and I really don't know "why" he did not want me to be there--I have never been mean to him or anything---Men!!!  on top of all this is the fact that he is just a renter--he is not the landlord---so he really can not keep us out of the garage--but we wanted to "be nice" so he won't harm the kitties!!!!!

He did come out and moved things out of our way when we all were able to get there around 3 today--poor kitties had not eaten since yesterday morning--now this "man" insisted that he had feed them---what a "LIE"--those poor kitties were starved--you should of seen them wolf that food down---and we were able to pet the same three--and Gracie wanted to be loved on besides!!!!
I also had an aluminum pan there for there water--he had actually stepped on at some point yesterday after I left as it was flattened!!!!
So say a prayer for the kitties safety--we hope by Wednesday to start moving them out of there!!!


did "finally" get an order in the mail today--
this nice selection along with--
came in today--this is my first turnover package--
does anyone know--have they decided not to do the turnovers????
I don't seem to be seeing them much anymore!!!!

and due to all the stress today--
I did get some house work done this morning--
but the only thing I could do the rest of the day was knitting on the baby hats--
got this one finished and have started a mint green one!!!!

So that was my day!!!!
I really need to get in the sewing room and do some block preps on the last of the bom's---I think most of them are now ended--but I do have some that I need to do so that I too am finished!!!!

See ya tomorrow---
take care--
Hugs, Di


  1. You are such a troublemaker, Di! I'm glad you were able to feed the poor little critters. It's too bad you're unable to adopt them all. They would love to have you as a mommy.

  2. I want to go squash that mean man!
    Oh how I hope the kitties can get out of there for their own safety. You never know what someone like him will do. :(
    xx, shell

  3. Oh my goodness! Mean ol' man!!!!

    I'm glad you were persistent, so those cute little kitties have a ghost of a chance. Bless you.


  4. I'm sorry you have had to deal with this man. If he is this way with animals I'd hate to be near him. Please get those kitties out as soon as possible. Wish I could take them all as I LOVE cats. Take care and be careful. Nola

  5. What a butt head! I'm glad to hear you were able to feed those kitties.

  6. Oh Di, I pray he's not as mean as the man on our block - actually just two doors down. You know about that. Some people have no hearts for animals. This guy seems to be one of those people. So why is he so mean when the garage the kitties are using doesn't even belong to him? I will keep you and the kitties in my prayers.

  7. Good for you, Di! Don't let him scare you away! Hope you can get the kitties out soon.

  8. Wouldn't it be nice if they could have a taste of there own medicine?
    Hopefully it will all sort itself out soon and you can stop stressing.
    Give them all a snuggle for me.

  9. That guy sounds awful...who is he to keep you from feeding poor little defenseless kittens? What a miserable man he must be. I hope you can get the kittens out asap, and that they find good homes!! I love cats, you are an angel for taking care of them!

  10. I hope that you can rescue the kitties soon so that you don't have to deal with him again.

  11. I'm so sorry you & the kitties are going through such troubled times. I just don't understand how some people can be so cruel & mean. Perhaps someone should lock him in the garage with no food & see how he likes it.
    Hope all goes well for you to get the kitties out of there.

  12. Poor kitties. They need a little farm to go live on.

  13. Di, thank goodness you (& little Sis) stood up to him. If you didn't the kittens would die. This man needs pray. Maybe he will see the love of God through you. If the kittens won't come to you can you use one of those cat traps and get them?


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