Saturday, October 9, 2010


Hello---anybody home?????

I did get alittle work done today--
Got another one of these blocks done--
still not sure if I don't want to make a large quilt or just some small ones?????
And I did some applique on the Christmas Quilt block--this one has three words on it--have half of one word done---great Hu????

Did go over town today --
by myself--Little sister has her company from down south here again--soooo????
went up on the hill and seen my antique "guys"--
did have them set something aside for now for me--
you will be soooo "jealous" when I get it and show you????
Think I am going to try to sell my Hoister  cabinet--
as they have another tall wood cupboard that I like better--
and I think it will work better for me!!!
Did get this "little" goodie--
Love the detail work on the metal--they only had one--
but it has a nice hole in the end of it--thought I could hang a plant or something from it--or I could get a board and make a small wall shelf with it????
This was $2---

I mainly went over town for some "Best Press" at the Quilt shop--
but they did not have my "flavor"--Cherry--have to wait til Friday for it!!!
I really love this "stuff"!!!!

But somehow today--the fabric did not let me out of the store with out purchasing some--
Nothing really exciting--the top two on the right are to go into my background stash of civil war prints--the third one in also will go in that stash--unless it goes with the fabric I got the first of the month for my "barn" bom??? and the last one--just liked it--was only a yard and 1/3 left on the bolt--so seems others have liked it too--so I don't want to be left out in the cold--so I got the rest !!!!! Yes it is a Fruitcake Christmas print!!

And that is about it for today--
but it sure was a great day to walk and wonder around here--
sunny--warm--but not hot--not too windy--just a perfect day!!
so be good and enjoy tomorrow--
Hugs, Di


  1. I've been chained by my sewing machine all night, after running around and playing all day. Now I'm getting ready to look through some books and magazines to find that perfect gift for my Secret Santa partner. What Christmas items are you working on?

  2. Looks like another successful shopping day. Can't wait to see what your blocks are going to turn into.

  3. Hi sweets!
    Sorry I haven't been by in a few days. I've running around like a crazy bunny trying to get ready for this show. So much to do!
    Glad you are ok. That post about your dying made my heart skip! You're not going anywhere yet. Too many BOM's to do! hee,hee,hee.
    Love ya bunches,

  4. We are having some gorgeous weather here too. We can actually go out and walk without passing out from the heat lol. We just walk around the block though because there really isn't anywhere to walk here. 1.5 miles up the road is fast food row and a grocery store. Nothing worth walking to :(

    I'm getting very impatient and wanting to move from this state NOW so I can experience the Fall weather, grow a garden, and have somewhere to walk to.

  5. Di! I am in love with your plaids, I tell you! TRUE love!! Enjoy your weather...fall time here.

  6. Sounds like an enjoyable day!! Funny how that fabric wouldn't let you out of the shop without it!! LOL

  7. I am sure you had a wonderful day and hopefully because the weather is crisp and fresh sence of fall!

    Thanks for sharing your new treasures and loved your pretty fabrics. :) Carolyn


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