Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I had planned to do this today----

But instead--
I finished this--

OKay---remember I told you my 'Brutus' block would be 'different'
Well I am wondering if you can see what is different about mine?????

Would you believe that I--you know that "Di" person could make this kind of mistake--
but 'I' did----what you may see and think are 'hearts' in the out side ring are part of the design are not!!!!  NOW would you believe me if 'I' told you that were suppose to be green for the leaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yep--I had nearly all them satin stitched in before I happened to reread the directions and discovered they were leaves--well--let me tell you--I was NOT taking out all that work--so I continued and then I added my 'own' leaves--so there--that's my 'excuse' and I am sticking to it!!!!
Also worked on this one--
Got the flowers and leaves appliqued in and one whole letter satin stitched--maybe this one will get done before the next one comes out!!! I am not sure--but think there is at least one more in this 'series' from the Gifts of Grace!!!
And I worked on these--
Ok--Di--what are these??????
Oh now wouldn't you like to know????
All I can say is--wait 79 more days--then maybe I will tell you!!!!

I have something on the serious nature to ask you---
****if you knew that you had literally 'died' for a  minute during the night---
what would you do the next day????????*****
I am really wanting to know here----
There will be more to this tomorrow--
but I really want to know "what" you would do--go--
whatever the next day????

Hugs to all--Di


  1. I hope that I am living my life so that if it were to end, or almost end, I wouldn't change much. Actually, there is a song I love that says, "I want to live so close to Him that there is no real change on the day that Jesus calls my name. I think that I might call all of my family members to talk what might be one last time BUT...any day could be that day. We are not assured of a future on this earth.

    You know, I wear a CPAP mask at night because my heart was literally stopping during the night. Fortunately, I was waking up each time it happened but there was real danger that one night I might not have.

  2. Like the above comment I hope I would be living so that there wouldn't be a lot of changes. Actually, I would probably be wishing I was still on the other side because it is so beautiful and peaceful. However, in all reality I would probably be calling my friends and family and be on my knees thanking my Heavenly Father for another day.
    Love the Brutus stitchery. I think the "hearts" really add to it. Makes me think I may want to copy you. Nola

  3. Probably get my guys to take me out for lobster.
    Brutus is cute--you should not have told us it was a boo boo because it looks great.

  4. I think the hearts look great! They look like they just belong in there.
    To answer your question - I'd go to the doctor to find out why I died for a minute..

  5. I think your Brutus is cute!
    To answer your question - well, I think I'd have to have a cuppa and think about it!

  6. I love the hearts on Brutus. They look like they should be hearts anyways. Now you can truly call it your own. I always tend to accidentally "alter" patterns :)

    Philosophically...I do want to do more and should do more. That's my personal battle within.

    Actually...I would be calling the doctor ASAP just in case. I try not to ignore what my body tells me.

  7. Hi Diane, commenting late, mostly to your question. I'd contact family and friends to tellthem i love them especially if i hadn't done so lately. i'd also sit quietly counting my blessings and wondering what this meant to me.
    We love YOU Di!!. Take care of yourself.


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