Thursday, November 11, 2010


I am really "achy" tonight--
been two really intense days of sorting--
moving things around--
lugging totes and plastic bins---
now if I was just all done it would be okay--
but I am not--
but am getting there--
now to just do lots of little things---
I know that I looked at every piece of fabric that I owned--
at least once!!!

Gracie update===
Gracie is not home yet--she will hopefully be home on Saturday!!!
They were only suppose to send 7 cats over to Cornell and they sent 8 instead--
so for what ever reason they picked Gracie to hold over--she will have her surgery tomorrow--I could of had them send her home and the local clinic would of done her--but not until sometime in Dec--she is about 6 months now--so first I did not really want to wait much longer--
Plus I really did not want to have to put her in a carrier again that soon!!!!
And for me it has been a "godsend" cause it has taken me alot longer to do the "job" of organizing than I thought it would--but then doesn't it always--
they said she is doing fine!!

this is a tough one--
cause I am not sure really myself what is what--
but she says it is nothing--just a "surface" infection--
but that is not what we were told to start with--

Oh I can't wait to get this work done--
want to see my "new" look myself--
PLUS my sewing is calling my name--
can't wait to get back to that!!!!

Be good--sew a stitch or two for me--OK???
Hugs, Di
PS am sure that Gracie is missing us all---too!!!!


  1. Ah! Organizing is such a big job! But it's so worth it in the end! You and I, are going to sorting at the same time I think! I'll work on it a bit more tonight and hopefully finish tomorrow! Take care, don't over do it!! Hugs Ariane

  2. ou are a good girl reorganising your room. I should do my BUT!!

    I am sure Gracie is missing home but she will be back soon.

  3. My organizing at the moment is putting things in boxes ....
    If Gracie isn't fond of her carrier it might be an idea to train her to like it? Leave it somewhere she can curl up in it - put some titbits in, etc. My Filix loves his carrier - and it's so easy to get him ready to go.

  4. So glad Gracie is ok. Was starting to worry she had complications.

    I'm going to have to organize whether I want to or not. We're finally getting ready to move after a long delay (and there may still be some delay to come) and I have messes everywhere. Once we can get some boxes taken to the house, we'll start to organize but it's a huge job. We have 31 years of accumulation here! I did get a good start this week - gave bags and bags of good used Granny's Attic stuff to the church for its bazaar this weekend.

  5. I get all excited to clean and organize and then I start. Pulling everything out is pretty easy, it's the putting it back that causes me grief. My Dad always said you can't put 10 pounds of poop in a 5 pound bag lol.

  6. Good job with all that work. You are going to love it when you are done. I'm glad your daughter's condition is not that serious.

  7. Re-organising is one of those jobs you have to just finish - unless I guess you just shove it all back in the cupboard and quickly close the door - so have fun re-looking at all your fabrics and planning more projects and achieving your new look! Gracie will be looking forward to getting home soon, I'm sure they'll be looking after her just fine.


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