Monday, November 1, 2010


Oh boy--we are now really into it--blog friends!!!!
Where we want it to be or not---
it is now NOVEMBER--
and we allllll know what that means---
turkey and all the trimmings time!!!!!lol

I need to do some catching up here--
Let's see---
Did get my Sentimental Journey block finished for October--
just in time to downloads November's!!!!!

got the yellow gingham checked curtains made for the dinning room--
and almost got the 2 ice cream chair set covers made--

and I did get the dinning room floor found
in other words--I "shoved" all the plastic drawer sets into a closet--for now!!!!
and got the cutting table found in the bedroom--
(that all went into the closet for now too!!!!

went shopping--
needed "Best Press" and some quilt thread--
OH--you say you do not see that in the above picture???
I did get those--though--oh--but looky see what else followed me home!!!
the black is what I am using on the chairs--the cherry strip is for a table runner--and the pattern--well--need I remind you that Christmas is on it's way!!!!!

I also got me a dolly---
Ah--Di wrong picture---
But I did get this too--she is a bell and will go with all my blue and white things!!!

Now let's see the dolly--
an original Cabbage Patch Doll--
I never had one before--had been kinda looking for one for a couple months now--but those at the rummage sales where in not in good shape--I did pay $10 for this one--but she is clean and looks like new!!!  
Oh--you want to know "why" I wanted a cabbage patch--
I have "no" clue!!!!

The newest "American School house doll" quilt pattern came in tooo--
Yep--I am way behind on this series--this was #4--only have #1 done--
bad girl!!!

Is this not a beautiful red--and still in bloom!!!

Well--time to go for now--
Gracie is wanting her play time!!!
Hugs, Di
Ps--if some of you would please pray for my daughter--
she has a skin problem on her left shin--she will be going to the dermatologist tomorrow--but I am worried about it--she sent me some pictures--not liking what I see!!! Thanks


  1. Looks like you are getting your groove back. Your table is going to look cute.

  2. I like your Cabbage Patch! I used to have one.

  3. I wonder what you are going to do with that doll!
    Hope daughter is ok, thinking of you both!

  4. Your stitchy turned out great Di!
    You made me laugh about your Cabbage Patch doll. You are so fun!
    Sending good thoughts for your daughter that all is ok.
    Kisses to Gracie
    xx, shell

  5. Your blue bell is just adorable! Good find. And so is cabbage patch doll. I suppose you don't need a reason why to want her. Guess what? After seeing your post yesterday about the chocolate candy corn we found some at the store. I bought it not realizing it was chocolate favored. I think I like the plain better but it was cool to try it after seeing it here.

  6. I love your new purchases...the quilt shop goodies, and the bell-girl is so lovely! Love the Cabbage Patch doll, I used to have one, brings back memories! I bet you'll make her some nice quilts! :-) I hope all is well with your daughter...thinking of you both!


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