Thursday, November 4, 2010


I have had 3 pairs of jeans laying around for months that needed shortening and hemming---I have moved them a 100 times or more--each day saying that I will do them today!!!
WELL--today finally--yep--finally arrived and I got all three done--
Course the first thing I did was break a needle--
but little sister (see once in awhile they are good to have around!!!) asked if I had a larger sized needle--and of course I did--so popped that into the machine and then we made tracks---so now I have something warmer to wear!!!!

Then I did get this finished late last night--
another baby hat--love that color of yarn!!!!

Worked on this before--
and after my trip to Walmart!!!
I have also gotten this months bom of the Sentimental Journey traced and started!!!

We are soooo happy here now--
The village bus--
is now  picking us up in front of the apartment building and letting us off there--
what a welcome that is--we are protected from the weather here--whereas down by the lake we are not!!!
Now here is what you all have been waiting for--
I hope---
I got Gracie a new toy today--
Does she look like she is having fun????
Believe me once she got the hang of that ball in there she played until she was literally panting!!!!!  Now what is all that "other" stuff on the floor---????
that's some of her old toys--that I used to have to make move in order for her to play!!!

Now this morning early--
she did play for awhile with these--
I know it took me awhile to really get some pictures of her---but remember she was a free and wild kitty before she came to live here and I wanted her  to really get adjusted so she would feel comfortable with me as I take her pictures--
and finally today she was ok with it as you can see!!!!
I had really planned to stay home ALL day tomorrow--
but a girl friend needs me to go with her to look at electric heaters tomorrow--so we are off--besides my wing here in the apartments will have no water starting at 9 am--until a leak is fixed----??????

OK everyone--time for an apple for a snack--
in place of some of the "kiddies" candy from trick or treating!!!!

Hugs, Di
Kitty kisses from Gracie!!!


  1. Awwwwwww-great pictures. Gracie looks like she is very happy in her new home.
    Love the colors of the baby hat.

  2. What a lovely cat, sounds like she has a dream home now.
    I am with you on shortening trousers, mine get shuffled around the place too in the hope the hemming fairy will pay a visit.

  3. Ooh, I love that baby hat! Congrats on finally getting the pants hemmed. I shuffle things around a lot, too. It's best to just do them, and be done with it.

  4. Gracie is so cute! She is going to be a really beautiful cat.She is spoiled as an only child can be for sure.. hahaha!
    I play shuffle where are those 2 SUMMER gowns that need mending, now that Winter is almost here.;-)
    OMG.word verify is..cativout!!

  5. Those are some great kitty pictures! Looks like Gracie has really settled in. My cats have been entertaining themselves all day with a piece of string. LOL The Christmas Tree stitchery is gorgeous!

  6. Great Gracie photos!!...And good on you for getting that hemming done!! I made some of those Bon-Bons last year - they went down really well, so think I'll make some more this Christmas.

  7. A very productive day! I think Gracie is loving her new toy! What a good mommy you are.
    xx, shell

  8. Gracie looks like she loves her new toy. Our cats always loved playing with things that dangled. At one point every doorknob in the house had something dangling from it.

    I have to hem my scrub pants for work. I have been wearing them cuffed for two weeks now. The cuffs always come undone and then I end up sliding when the pants go under my heel. I'm just not a big fan of hemming.

  9. What a gorgeous little kitty face. Oh Di, she was meant to be yours. She looks as if she knows this was to be her home - so comfy there.
    I do that about mending too. I put it off, have to move it around, then finally come to grips with it and it's ussally not a big deal after all. Glad you got it done.


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