Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Another Pretty Fall day here--
very cold in the early morning--
and a heavy frost the last two nights--
but this is what this time of the year is all about!!!!

First--thank you to all who are praying for my DD--
we were really on "pins & needles" for a couple days--

I nearly found Dear Gracie a new home and got on a plane and flew down there--
(Florida)--but Thank God for friends--as they made me wait --and now hopefully--things will be ok--she is not over the infection --nor do we actually have the biopsy report yet--but we are believing that it is an infection in her system and that antibiotics are going to do there job and she will be fine!!!!

I had to go to the bank today--
and you all do remember what 'shop' is right across the street from the bank don't you????
these things called my name--
Yep---two more Christmas prints--
I know --
I did not need any more--
Truly I did not--
the snowman is a border print--and in blues--
perfect for one of the table runners that they are using the 60 degree rulers with--
and I decorate with snowmen and with blue after Christmas---SOOOOO???
Oh the red--well--you see--
it has nice designs that are far apart--
so these will be great for "fussy" cuts--
and one never has enough fabric for "fussy" cuts--right?????

and these--are more Civil war prints--
for what you ask???
why for my Civil war stash that is already overflowing--
but remember I have 3 patterns behind on the series I am doing--so one just never knows when one might need one of these to go into one of them!!!!
and this ruler was on for half price--
so couldn't pass this up--
but--does anyone know when you use this one????
and this towel pattern is for the days of the week--
and it is just sooo cute--
and you just never know when one might run out of embroidery work to do?????

and I got these two magazines for $2 each--
I buy more of the AU magazines than I do US ones--
as AU has a more Country look and patterns for me--
I am not into the modern quilt stuff--sorry!!!

I haven't done much this week--a bit of stitching on this or that--
been on the phone alot though---
I really really need to get these hands a workin on some projects--
Maybe tomorrow--
oh no just remembered tomorrow is grocery day--booo!!!!

well you all be good now--
oh and Gracie is very HAPPY her mom is not going to Florida --
and she wanted me to tell you so!!!!

Hugs, Di
and kitty kisses from Gracie--


  1. You have been having a good time. You have earned it what with all the stressing. Glad the news is better.

  2. Glad that your DD seems to be doing better. Scary!!

  3. Those Christmas prints are cute! I quite understand you couldn't pass them by.
    Glad your daughter is better.

  4. My prayers for your dd's recovery. I hope the biopsy doesn't show anything major. I love that snowmen print! Can you please tell me what line it is, by whom? I really enjoy the AU magazines too. Looks like you had a fun time shopping.

  5. Glad you had some good news about your daughter.

    Now Di, you know you have a problem when you buy a ruler and then come on here and ask what it is used for lol.

  6. Retail therapy is a good thing! Hope your DD is out of the woods an better soon.

  7. Di, I'm glad your daughter is on the mend. We never stop worrying, do we? Love the new fabrics and such, shopping always makes us feel better!!


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