Wednesday, November 17, 2010


While Gracie played all day---
Course then I had to work some more and clean up after her!!!!!

Here's all my work though-----
I had found this cute stitchery that a blog friend sent to me and I needed to finish it--decided on a cute little pillow to keep the larger bunny pillow company!!!!

I decided to finish my Sentimental Journey block for November--
but looked what happened--the trim melted with the iron--OPPPPSSS!!!!
Can't leave it that way--so we redo it--
Now see how cute--and a finish!!!!
I decided to also make the kittens into a pillow--I have so many wall hangings--
I for got to take a picture of the backs of this one and the Thanksgiving one--
Maybe to tomorrow--I will look to see which magazine I got the kitties from!!!
I sewed the binding on the Mariner's Compass quilt--this is from a hand piecing class about 2 years ago--and I then hand quilted it as I have been showing you--and if you notice the corners are not at a "square"--am tired of squares---did use my new little angler ruler and and "chopped" off the corners!!!!!!!!!!

then I worked on this block---

That pine branch was driving me nuts as I said--
First I realized that I really used the wrong color for the pine needles--think I should of used a more olivy green--but was thinking Christmas colors and this green to me is a Christmas green---soooo--
I did this--
I still am not sure--
I think it is some "better"---
but what do the rest of you think--and be honest--
do I just need to start over on the pine branches--or what---

I think I do "squirrels" better than pinecones!!!
Oh here is a cute Squirrel story for you--
Here at the Jefferson--our maintenance guy John is trapping some of the squirrels and taking them up the hill to the woods and letting them out--he has now trapped "14" of them--Well yesterday he set the trap--he used soda crackers with a "goob" of peanut butter on them and puts two of them in the live trap!!!  During their break yesterday, the housekeeper, Melinda, looked out the window and started "laughing"--she pointed to the window--on a red bench right next to the trap sat a squirrel--just like he was sitting in a chair--with the cracker between his two front paws and he is "licking" off the peanut butter!!!!!  Somehow he/she had gotten into the trap and got one of the crackers and not set the door off to shut---Hey--it must of been a "girl" squirrel to be that smart!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok be good--don't forget to get the pie making ingredients!!!
hugs, Di and kitty kisses from Gracie!!!


  1. So many lovelies, what gorgeous designs you have made.

    Have a beautiful & blessed Thanksgiving holiday ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Busy, busy, busy. My daughter would like the cardinal. She collects cardinal items.
    The cat stitchery is very cute.

  3. Wow girlfriend you sure did get a lot done while Gracie played! Good for you! Your Sentimental Journey block looks wonderful. I can't believe the trim melted!
    xx, shell

  4. You have done a lot! Good girl!
    I like the Cardinals - pretty! I think the pine branch was fine as it was. Hug for Gracie
    and you!

  5. I can read you blog for hours, always sooo interesting!! Hugs to Gracie,but remember in-breath as I am allergic:-)

  6. All your pillows look amazing!

    I have no ideas for the pine branch. It does look better but I don't know. Maybe if we could see a picture from a distance. It probably looks fine but right now at this angle all I see is a head and two hands lol.

    Love the squirrel quilt and story :)

  7. I love your project! and loved the great squirrel story you shared!

  8. My how busy were you! Love your projects.

  9. If you do not want to take out the fabric it looks fine with the added stitching. If you do take out the fabric the stitching would work well for the needles!
    Gracie is a cutie!!! See her lil shaved belly!
    Lovely work as always! You do get a lot done.



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