Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I mean--who would really want to be a turkey this month?????

The last couple days have been busy ones--
in just keeping on keeping on!!!
Gracie reports---
Hi-- I tried to hide on Monday morning--
I knew something was up and it involved my "pink catty"!!!!
cause Mom kept talking to me about my "being a good girl" on Monday--all week end--
so that only meant one thing to me--another ride in the "pink catty"--
and sure enough about 10:15 am Mom calls me--I come to her and she loves on me a minute and then she has the nerve to take me by the neck like my Mommy cat used to--and down she puts me into the "pink catty"---
I am not so sure I like the color pink anymore???
Her friend Carol came and we went for a ride in the car--
I am not happy about leaving home--and car rides are sooo bummpy on these country roads---we went to the clinic and a nice Vet lady took out my stitches--she told Mom that I was a very good kitty for her!!!  but boy did I put up a fuss going home--not sure "why" just felt like it I guess!!!!
then Mom and lil sister took off on the bus to Wally world and left me--Me home alone--how dare them!!!
I got my attention later in the evening though--so mom did not get to post--sorry about that blog friends--but!!!!
Love Gracie----

Today I was busy again--Friend Anne came--I worked on the second snowflake block in  the applique ones--then we had lunch and at 1:00 Anne left and I grabbed a basket of laundry and went to the laundry room downstairs and did laundry all afternoon--did 3 loads--so now I have clothes to wear!!!!  Did get more knitting done on a baby hat--another new yarn color--it is really sweet.
and all day they have worked on the new carpet--will be glad when this job is done!!!
they are outside my apartment --and will be in this part of the hallway all day tomorrow--and yes I can smell the padding they laid down late this afternoon--even with some air machines running--booo!!!
Well--tomorrow is the last day to get all your fixings for the Turkey dinner--are you ready--
I have my plans--
and they are to sew on Christmas projects tomorrow!!!!!

Now where did this "bird" fly in from????
Oh I know he is telling us to eat beef tomorrow so that on Thursday the "turkey" will taste even bettttterrrrrr!!!!!!


Hugs, Di and kitty prints from Gracie


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Happy Thanksgiving! to you and Gracie too!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving you two. Hope you get lots of sewing done!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Gracie!
    A couple more trips in the pink katty and she'll love it .... you didn't read that out loud?

  5. I braved the store today for some last minute fixin's. It was still early in the day so it wasn't too crazy.

    Spent today baking pies, doing laundry and a little knitting.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!


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