Friday, November 5, 2010


No--not this kind of Baby----

No--Gracie would not have let me in the door with this one!!!
So keep reading---

A girl friend wanted me ride along with her today -- she wanted to look at some new electric heaters that was for sale at the Holiday Inn--and seeing as how the water was to be off most the day on my wing here at the apartments I went---
that meant "Trouble"--you noticed that word even has a capital "T" to it????
she did get the heater ---
and I got---
This new Singer sewing Machine--these are the kind that they sell to the Schools--
they are a very well built machine and this "baby" can do it all---where was it yesterday when I was hemming those heavy blue jeans????
This is a brand new machine--not a used one!!!
and I did get some time this afternoon to play with it--
can't wait to actually sew with it--
I can "burn" up the roads now--
opps!! I mean I can zip up the fabric into quilts now!!!

We also stopped at Target--
am looking for flannel nightgowns--they had nothing--but I am so glad that we stopped there--
I buy gifts for our local Santa organization to give to the 0-2 year olds--other wise they do not get a gift--my quilt friend Anne makes lots of baby size quilts for that age group and I try to get the other stuff--
Today I found these books--
these little books have the handle on them and no sharp edges--got 20--but wished I had gotten 10 or more--maybe I will get back there soon!!!

and I have been looking everywhere for these--
they have wanted $4 or more for one--
found these for $1.38 each--yes!!!!!

And here is a close up of my baby girl--
Ahhhh--well either Di is not fast enough with the camera--
or Gracie is not wanting "all" of her photographed today??????

Hugs, Di
and kitty kisses from Gracie!!!


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun today!
    We are all going to be left in the dust now that you have a new toy.
    Gracie is just practicing her speeding around so that she will be able to keep up with you too.
    Have fun.

  2. Hope you have lots of fun with your new baby.
    How nice of you to buy gifts for the little ones for Christmas.
    How is Little Sis???

  3. Looks like a nice new baby for the house. That machine looks very sturdy. Much better than the plastic one I have.

    I love shopping at Target. I always hit the dollar bins in the front of the store. Then I wander around looking for clearance items.

  4. There will be no stopping you now. Great to get a machine you can trust.Better get anextra supply of chocolate in,methinks you are not going out much in the next little
    You are a very giving lady for your community with your knitted hats,pet beds and christmas gifts.
    Bless you.

  5. So what have you named the baby? I was at a quilt retreat this weekend, and one of the ladies went out and bought a new machine when yers broke down. (for the second time) Have fun!!


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