Tuesday, November 30, 2010


There is Joy, Joy, Joy,
down in my heart tonight!!!
Now how did an rabbit get in here--
wrong season little guy--
but then he is a happy guy--like me tonight!!!!

I got to sew, sew, sew, today--
and here is what I got put together---
Gracie, Mom is trying to take a picture of all her work!!!!
But Mom-- I wanna see toooo!!!
HUMMMM--so this is why I had to sleep all day--
and this is 'why' you didn't play with me all day????
That's "OK" Mom--it is pretty cool-----
what's everybody else thinking--did Mom do a good job??????

And here is a close up of the block that was driving my Mom crazy---
What do you think now????
she cheated and used fabric that she fussy cut for the pinecones and she couldn't find any pine needles --so she used the flowers that where on the fabric with the pinecones--and she appliqued them all on--she is one "smart" cookie---that Mom of mine!!!!
OKay--Gracie that is enough--what are you wanting--
a new toy tomorrow when I go shopping for all this praise!!!!
Crazy cat!!!!!

I still have a little applique to do in the upper left hand corner and one to do in the lower right hand bottom corner and then this one is ready to put in the pile to quilt!!

I did have a hard decision to make today--
when I went into the sewing room I had to ask myself--
1. did I want to keep working on this Christmas quilt?
2. did I want to continue working on the "12 days of Christmas blocks"?
3. did I want to make a mug rug?
4. did I want to make some candy rolls?
5. did I want to trace another red work block?
6. did I want tooooooooo?????????

That's all for tonight blog friends--
what did you do today?????
Hugs, Di and her side kick-Gracie!!!!


  1. Loved your work, especially the red birds. We see cardinals from time to time and I really enjoy them.

  2. Beautiful quilt! Love the cardinals.

  3. Gracie is right--it is definitely pretty cool!!!!
    Glad you finally happy with the pinecones.
    Still amazed with those tiny little applique words.

  4. Beautiful, Di! I agree with Gracie - great work!

  5. Your quilt is simply darling. The pattern is so cool with the geese down one side. The cardinals are so pretty.

  6. Oh Wow - it is absolutely FABULOUS! Especially love the cardinals. Is it your own creation or from a pattern? Hello and a hug to Gracie :)

  7. Your quilt looks great! I love that you used the pine cones from the fabric. Wonderful idea!

    Candy rolls? Now that has me a bit curious.

    Mug rugs, mug rugs, mug rugs lol. Make some mug rugs, they are addictive :)

  8. Clap, Clap, Clap - Totally awesome job on the pinecones!! You stuck with it until you found what you liked, and I think it beautiful! In fact the whole quilt is beautiful!!

  9. Love it!! You did a wonderful job girlfriend!
    Love the happy bunny dance too!
    xx, shell

  10. LOL, you're too funny. I love the new quilt. You did a fabulous job on the cardinal block too! How original!


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