Friday, November 19, 2010


A whole day of sewing--
I finally got a full day of sewing and no interruptions!!!
so first I tackled the "'6" extra blocks for the Homespun quilt that I am working on--
Here is the first one--
Now who sewed that???
Gracie did you sew this block?????
Surely your Mommy did not sew this this "wonky" thing????
Ok I confess--it was really the new machine--
and --yes--Gracie--the fact that I can not drive straight--
But I know how to fix it--
I have my "guiding line" now--
Let's see how the next ones come out???
OH--looky looky--they are soooo much better--
and now these blocks are done--
have to decide on fabrics for the applique birds that go in the centers---
maybe next month--we don't want to rush a project that has taken us over 5 years to get this far--now do we????
Then after lunch--
I was sooo very excited cause I could start a new quilt--
a Christmas one--
with the "12 days of Christmas" layer cakes I had won--
Here is where we are sooo far--
I love making these blocks--
I have my "own" way of doing the snowball corners--
maybe some day it will make me rich when I share it?????lol
I do love all these colors--decided today that I need to pick up some aqua Christmas ornaments -too!!!!
Also did some more applique on the snowflake block--
there is alot of stitching on them!!!
And don't forget I have to "entertain" a certain young lady!!!
Ah--Di--we see a mess and alot of toys and paper balls--
but are you entertaining someone or yourself--
where is the cat????
Oh she is around here someplace--
wonder what my 'mom' is up too--
look at the mess she is making of the living room--
I hope she knows "she" is the one who is going to clean up this mess!!!
I have to do my own "cleaning"--
Then it will be time for another "cat nap"--
have fun Mom!!!!

Ok--on to the Thanksgiving menu--
we have the turkey and it is thawed and we got all the stuff for the dressing and are in the process of putting that together--and we got the Pumpkin pie, Apple pie, Mincemeat pie and the Caribbean fudge pies all made--so what's next on our shopping list????

That "red" stuff--you know the 'red" stuff that has to be on the table and you HAVE to put some on your plate -- even if you don't want to eat it--it still has to be on the plate or it isn't Thanksgiving--?????
Oh I know the Cranberry sauce--it comes two different ways--best to have both--as some folks like the Jelly kind and some like the "lumpy" kind!!!!

Ok that's today's shopping lesson--off to the Supermarket you go!!!

Hugs, Di and the napping Gracie!!!



  1. Cute!!! I could never imagine someone NOT liking cranberries until I got married. WHAT???? I make the fresh ones and he loves them now.

  2. I do not care for cranberries but make him fresh every year ...

    Did you get to visit our quilter friend visit on Nov. 16 post? She shared some beauties ...

    Have a beautiful Thanksgiving ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  3. Love cranberry sauce, dressing and turkey sandwiches the next day, so we must have the cranberry sauce.
    The kitties around here are jealous, they think she has more than all three of them combined.
    Told them Christmas was coming!

  4. Your Christmas quilt looks like it is going to fun and colorful.

    I used to only eat the jellied cranberry sauce but over the last couple years I have become a big fan of the lumpy style.

  5. Those plaid scrappy blocks are calling my name! Loudly!! Just love them...I may have to make some!


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