Saturday, November 13, 2010


My Gracie is home!!!!
and she wants me to hold her every minute--
she went to sleep for awhile in my arms --
that was a first!!!
they say she was very good--thankfully!!!!
she does have to go to the local clinic on the 22nd to get her stitches removed--
at Cornell they use the old fashioned way--regular stitches--
I am glad about that part--
they are discovering that young cats seem to be more allergic to the new liquid glue stitches anyways--guess that was the problem with Gracie's mom---then they have to use warm packs on the surgery area 4 times a day for a couple days!!!

Now for me (and probably Gracie) I am trying to get my life back in the basket!!!
I have spent 4-5 days doing nothing but cleaning -- sorting--moving--and the big "O' word--organizing---I am not done yet---but close----I still have the bedroom/sewing room to finish---and there is a couple "orphans" that need homes or need to go out!!!
And then tons of laundry to do--so---maybe by Wednesday--I can really--actually-- sew something---can't wait!!!!!

Gracie even has her own cupboard now for her food and dishes and spring water--now we are talking!!!!!!

Oh---MY---I just counted and Thanksgiving is only 11 days away---OUCH!!!
I have gotten a few things --so I need to do lots of picture taking once everything is finished too!!!!

In the mean time--don't forget to buy your "bird" this week and the stuff for stuffing!!!
Hugs, Di
Kitty pats from Gracie


  1. Welcome home Gracie. Won't be long and you will be your old self again.
    Hope you get all your Oing done and the laundry so you can get back into sewing.

  2. Glad Gracie is home again! I bet she's pleased.

  3. Gracie has such a precious face. I'm glad she's home and you're continuing to bond. Get that organizing finished so you can sew!!

  4. That's so sweet...Gracie missed her Momma :)

    I went out and picked up a couple turkey breasts last week for Thanksgiving. We usually get a 22-26 pound bird. Everyone loves the breast but the rest is used for scrap cooking. I make turkey fajitas, turkey salad and turkey soup. This year I decided to just buy the breasts instead since that is everyone's favorite. There are only four of us this year but we LOVE leftovers.

  5. That's a darling picture of Gracie. Glad she's home safe and sound and hopefully, feeling better soon!


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