Sunday, November 21, 2010


We need to talk!!!!

We are told to get "lots" of sunshine--
So we do---
But one has to be careful so one does not get "cancer" from that sunshine--
first be sure you have a hat on--
your skin covered--
and be sure you put on sunscreen--
so what we now have is---

No way for the Vitamin D to be absorbed by out bodies!!!!!


-----now we have to do this---
to do-----

Take a "zillion" vitamin pills---!!!!!

Hugs, Di and kitty kisses from Gracie--
PS she says she is sooo glad to be a cat--
she doesn't have to worry about the "sun"!!!!!


  1. We're always trying to balance the amount of sun we need versus the amount that is safe for us. It's a hard thing to balance down here in sunny Florida.

  2. Thank you for the information.

    Love the turkeys on the beach!

    Happpy Thanksgiving to you "Di" and your family.

    Carolyn :)


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