Sunday, November 14, 2010


I have a slice of Pumpkin pie and no cool whip!!!!!!

One great advantage of living in a Senior Housing--
is the free dinners--especially this time of the year---
to day we got "free Thanksgiving dinners from the local high school--it is a turkey dinner with all the trimmings--and I do believe this years was the "tastiest" so far!!!!
In fact you get so much that I have half of it left for tomorrow--so you could say--I got two free dinners today!!!!

My dear Gracie is glued to me now that she is home--
she wants me to hold her all the time--even when she is sleeping--
she even let me sew today while she was asleep in my lap--
that is a first!!!

It was a warm day -- at least this morning was fairly nice--
so Little sister and I took a walk over town--
and yes--I did -- go to the Quilt shop---
and yes--I did --- buy something---
I needed some fabric for the binding for--
this mariner's compass wall hanging--I think the blue is alittle dark--
but the instructor that taught me this class was in the shop and she picked it out for me--so I know it will be perfect---in what ever year I get around to finishing it????


What's that you asked????
Did I buy any thing else?????
Well--of course I did!!!!!
Got 1 1/2 yards of this to go with the layer cake that came in this week--
was thinking about the reddish birds--but decided this would 'set the quilt' (whatever quilt pattern I pick!!!!lol) off better---and it was nearly gone!!!
Oh my and lookie what else "hopped" in to the bag!!!!!
Little sister and I both fell in love with these designs---
I really really did not need another book!!!!????!!!!!!!


then we stopped at the Country shoppe as they were still having there Open House today--
I was good--sort of?????
Came out with--
2 sets of lights in brown cords to use on my pip berry sprays that have brown wires and a small string of white wires--think I also have a home for these--will see????
two new lamps--I love these lamps all through the apartment---

And I collect the word "Believe" and I found this little sign--sooooo!!!!
and I needed some plate stands--so decided today while they were on sale was as good time as any to get some more!!!!


and for being such a "good customer" they gave me this--
I love gingerbread  men!!!

I was good in the fact that I took it slower today--
and did not do alot on the apartment--
did not even go down to do any laundry--
(not totally out of clothes yet--soooo!!!)

I did trace off two holiday designs onto towel to embroider--
and I got both of them started--so good for me!!!

I am hoping to get the bedroom/sewing room finished tomorrow--
and then some photos--
then Gracie and I can make all the mess's we want for awhile!!!!
Hugs, Di
Kitty "purrs" from Gracie


  1. I love your purchases. They are great. I thought I would mention that SewGalCal's having a Christmas quilt show on her blog. I know that you have some beautiful ones that you made last year that you could show. You should enter them. There are some great prizes to be won. Go check it out. Here is the link:

    Hugs Ariane

  2. Looks like you had a good time today. Free turkey dinners are always good, but I have to agree--it is just not the same without cool whip!! I have been staring at that pattern book for quite awhile. I have a feeling it will come home with me one day soon.

  3. Ooh yummy - leftovers! The very best part of a turkey dinner. I like your redwork patterns. And i don't think it's legal to do laundry on Sunday, so I'm glad you didn't do it! Meow.....

  4. I have a feeling I would love that country shop. There's one near here that sells the same sort of stuff and I want one of everything!! Gracie is so sweet, I love how attached she's gotten to you. Sounds like you had a yummy dinner, and now you won't have to cook tomorrow too!

  5. Oooo! Lots of goodies girlfriend! Love that redwork book!
    So glad that Gracie kitty is home and doing well and that she loves you so much. Makes my heart happy!
    Have a fun day tomorrow!
    xx, shell

  6. I LOVE cool whip!!!

    You ladies know how to!

  7. Oh you are so lucky to have Gracie. She is such a pretty (and sweet) cat.


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