Monday, November 8, 2010


I plan to be a "Woman on a mission"!!!

and this is what it is all about---
I happened on a major problem this week end--
So after some "testing" and some "probing"--
I have come up with a plan--
so now I am on a "mission" to--

Ahhhh--No not that kind of "mission"---
This is more "down to earth" kind of mission--
and a real close to home kind----
I believe it is time once again to get ----
to get----
Oh--what a word--wonder if anyone really does accomplish this goal????
I know that I keep trying--
and I am going to attempt it one more time---
I want to 'open' my cupboards and closets and see this---

I want to see all my collections and things "smiling" back at me!!!!!

SOOOOO--if for any reason you do not hear from me in the next couple days--
you will know it is because I have gotten "stuck" inside one of my closets or cupboards!!!!
And I won't even have Gracie here to help me--
She got a new "suitcase" today--
Now does my new gal have taste or what?????
Gracie is going to go to Cornell University for 2 days---
and she will be coming back a "new girl"--with her degree in --
"How to train a new Veterinarian" in "how not to handle a cat"!!!!

Her mommy also got her a new toy today--
(doesn't she have her Mom trained well????)
two new soft balls--not sure she really needed any more toys--
But oh well--
She does know how to say -- Thank you Mom!!!!
Quilting--you say this is "suppose" to be a quilting site--
so what have I to report on that goal---
well--I did get a couple things done---

Got this months Sentimental Journey block stitched--
 I have this Mariner's compass wall hanging all hand quilted--
it's just--now do I have more of these fabrics--
and if I do "where" are they--I need some for the binding??????
I really do have a big sorting--rearranging plan to do the next few days--
so I will not be using the new machine for a bit---but once this "job" is done--
watch out!!!!!!!!!!

Oh to answer someone's question on what line of fabric this is--
It is called "Holiday Joy" by Nancy Murty for Andover Fabrics--
Hope this helps and that you can find some!!
So I am off to do some post reading for now--
Hugs, Di
Kitty Purrs from Gracie--
oh and Gracie asked if you would "think" about her the next two days!!!
PS--DD did not have a good week end--things are now healing as we thought--
she has a major infection somewhere---so would you keep her in your prayers!


  1. You know I looooooove the word organize! Wish I could be there to help you.
    Miss Gracie will do an excellent job training the vets.
    Beautiful finishes girlfriend. One more Sentimental journey block left!
    Sending prayers for DD and for you.
    Thinking of you sweets!
    xx, shell

  2. Ahhhhh you said the "O" word. Of course I am striving to get there right along with you.
    Now that I am settled it should be possible right?????

  3. I started organizing the sewing room yesterday. Never fun but it looks so nice once it is all cleaned. Now the rest of the house....a big mess lol.

  4. Oh drats the dreaded 'O' word!!! Yes we all strive for it but my guess is few ever really truly achieve it or maintain it for that matter. Just do the best you can and enjoy life each day!
    Poor Gracie...will wish her healed up soon.
    Sorry about your daughter sure hope they find the culprit causing infection soon.

  5. Aliens must have put something in the water. I've been feeling an urge to organize too. I got a start but now I'm off track again. I will get it done though eventually.

  6. Been missing you Di. Glad you're ok. Good luck to Gracie. She's a lttle beauty. I love her pink carrier. Just glad you're ok and only have a case of "I-gotta-get-organized". I have that too and mine seems to be a chronic condition. I did give a whole bunch of things away to the church for its bazaar this weekend. That's a start! Blessings.


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