Thursday, December 16, 2010


I am having a bad hair day!!!
No that face isn't saying that---
I bet this has something to do with --
you "know who"???
Yep--only that darn sweet faced kitten named ==
Miss Gracie--could make her Mom look like this--
Is it Sunday--Yet??????

I have tried everything to get the pills down--
she out smarts me every time--
the Vet called--and guess what they said--
she especially needs to take the "pills"---

I know maybe if I put up a big tree---

 and when she is being "all kitten" I can distract her long enough---
that probably wouldn't work either--
miss gracie is one smart kitten!!!

In the mean time--
this little angel made me smile--

but for now I am going to go to the kitchen and see what it there for a snack!!!
then back to stitching!!!!
Oh--what did I do today, besides try to force meds on poor gracie--
I did do alot of applique on the tree wall hanging and --
something really "exciting"--laundry!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. Sorry I have no good advice about giving a kitten a pill. I've never been successful at it myself. I wonder if there is a video on you tube showing how to? lol Good luck! to you both :)

  2. Naughty kitty. She needs those meds. Just like trying to give bunny meds. Not easy.
    It's almost Sunday Di. Hang in there.
    xx, shell

  3. Hi Di...have you tried those "pill pockets?" They're treats with an opening in them where you put the pill. My mother-in-law has used them and they worked. Have some chocolate, you'll feel better!

  4. I have exciting laundry that needs to be done - I'll be glad to share it with you. Oh you are insisting you will do all yourself? Okay, I you insist!! LOL!!! I love the work you are showing on your banner - all of them are just too cute. Poor Gracie taking pills just isn't her style.


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