Saturday, December 18, 2010


Today lil sister and I walked over town to see our friends to hand out Christmas cards--
My first stop was the Health food store--
Had to pick up an order that came in--
My toothpaste--
this is the very bestest toothpaste they make--
and boy what a difference it has made on my teeth--
No more bad dental cleaning news!!!!
am trying the new flavor this time!!!

Then we made a stop at the animal thrift store--
needed to see one of the workers there about an order she gave me for a doll bed's bedspread--that needs to be done by Wednesday---did you hear that "Di"???????
then went to the Yarn shop--
needed this--
My skein of red baby yarn for the santa baby hats--
remember me doing them last year???
Almost talked myself out of doing them this year---
but ---now I have the yarn--soooooo!!!!!
We went up on the "hill" and seen Sherman & Chad--at the Antique shop--
gave them a card and some puffy Christmas mints--
Oh they have sooo many new goodies in there--
but I just couldn't look too much--cause I know I would found something that I just could not live without!!!!
We stopped at the Quilt shop--
another card and some mints--
and I seen the cutest  Sheep fabric--it was black background with white lambs knitting on it--sooo cute---but?????  She even had the Christmas fabrics on for 50% off---but????
Then we stopped at the Country shop with cards and mints--
and looked what happened---
a ring of red berries and a mouse walked out with me--
and here I had been soooo gooood!!!!!
But then doesn't "everyone" need a mouse to help them get ready for the big day????

Thanks for those who had time to comment on my question about "deleting"--
I do have my days when I think "someone" needs to delete me--and I know as much as miss gracie loves me--there's times she would love to "delete" me in this past week!!!
we have one more dose of the liquid and one more of the pills to do--can't wait!!!!

Well I bet everyone is busy doing this -- 
this week end--
Or at least "wishing" they had a big crew like this to help them do some "chores"!!!

And so I end tonight with sending you all alittle "love"--
Hugs, Di and that miss gracie


  1. Sounds like you have been busy, busy, busy!!! Giving poor Gracie meds does not help, but it will be done soon and you both will feel better.

  2. Busy,busy,we all are these days, especially. Take Care both you and little Gracie,and all will soon be fine!!!
    And of course:Happy Quilting ..... when time :-)

  3. I am worn out just reading your blog Di. Sis and you have been very busy.
    Love the pic of the cat and wee mouse.

  4. Sounds like a fun errand day! Merry Christmas, DI!!

  5. Yippee it's Sunday and the medicine is done right?
    Sounds like you had a fun day yesterday Di.
    xx, shell


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