Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Lil sister and I went over town--
we each had an errand  to do!!
first we stopped at the drug store for her--
then at the thrift store for me deliver the doll pillow--

Then to the Quilt shop--
lil sister wanted another piece of fabric--
I discovered that some things were on sale--
so in looking around I discovered that all the wool felt patterns were on sale at 25% off--


this one just had to come to my house--
I have looked and lusted over this one for awhile now--
and I kept saying--Di--you have tooooo many now--so don't buy it!!!
But now a sale--
that has got to be another "story"!!????

Then of course we had to stop at the Country shop--
and they had alot on sale there--
so another lamb walked me home from there--
Ain't this cute??????
Hey what is that behind the lamb???
Ohhhhh--I do believe I got another Christmas package in the mail--
this time from Alice---
Ohhhh--is it Christmas yet????

Then miss gracie got the phone call she had been waiting for --
and now she is really doing the Santa dance--
the Vet's office says she is ok now!!!!

I did not get alot of sewing done today--I am working on the two that are in the above header of the trees by gail pan--but am doing them on something alittle different???
No I won't tell--you will just have to wait and see!!!!

Now you all know how I love Clip art--
in looking and downloading some--
I found the following ones of Santa --
and I just want to share them with you--
I love these out of all the ones I have seen--
but I must say the next one is my favorite---
What an awesome picture!!

Hugs, Di and kitty "purrs" from miss gracie


  1. I didn't know you liked clipart!! LOL! I like the table mat you bought. Very nice indeed. Maybe you should think about staying home a day instead of running all over town! I'm getting off work early tomorrow, so I may do some running of my own.

  2. Love, love, love that last picture.
    Sounds like you have been keeping busy. I am trying to decide if I want to take my sewing machine when I go to my Mom's. I have all the pieces cut for a new quilt so all I would have to do it sew them together. I've even decided on what will possibly be the border.
    We'll see!
    Merry Christmas from me and my Gracie to you and yours!

  3. You made some great purchases today!! I love the Santa clipart too! It's wonderful!!

  4. Just love your cheerful posts Di!

    Abbie gives Miss Gracie purrs hugs back!

    Love your new project! I wouldn't beable to pass it up either.

    Hugs, Carolyn

  5. I love the bag from Alice! Hope she sends me one too :)
    Merry Christmas!


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