Sunday, December 26, 2010


Yep--we all made it--
though some of you have gotten quite a surprise--
With some very unexpected snow--
but you all sound like you are taking it in "stride"--
good for you!!!

Today I will show you miss gracies gifts--
We did some of our gifts on Christmas eve--
for whatever reason--now that I am older and alone--
I enjoy doing it on Christmas eve--

The following pictures are of Miss Gracie opening and playing with gifts from

so with a little help from Mom--
we have found--
a nice warm "blankie" and 3--yep "3" wonderful cat nip bags--
Oh my a "girl" could get used to this!!!!
Look at those "eyes"????
Yep--Kady I do believe that miss gracie is in love with you!!!!!
then on Christmas day miss gracie got her toy from Santa--
a tunnel--
but look at what she is having the most fun with--
the ties---silly cat!!!!
Ahhh--but what's this--
maybe there is something "fun" inside too????

And then later on Christmas this is where miss gracie is--
Ahhhh she really loves this "blankey" Kady--
I do find here laying on it often---
SO  Kady thank you from Miss Gracie 
and her mom Di--

tomorrow will be "my" turn to show you all my new goodies that I got from Lil sister and all my blog friends--so be sure to tune in!!!!


  1. Well, Miss Gracie is just the luckies cat in the world! Looks like she had a great day. Can't wait to see your goodies tomorrow.

  2. what a funny cat! ))) Nice photos!

  3. Aw yes - we survived! Gracie looks like one happy cat over there! What fun photos! Looking forward to seeing your goodies!

  4. I do believe there is one spoiled kitty living in Di's house! hee,hee,hee. She looks so excited with all her presents. Too cute!
    xx, shell

  5. Looks like Gracie had fun with her gifts.

  6. I will be rest for a few days!

    Love the pictures of Miss. Gracie and her new stash of presents.

    Happy New Year! Hugs, Carolyn

  7. Just survived!! Looks like Gracie had fun!
    Our pets did,too. our GSP Missy, insisted on helping me tear open my presents.Too funny!!


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