Friday, December 17, 2010


Dear Santa--
Everyone has some of "this' but me--
and Mommy--
Yes she wants some to--
or at least she wants to watch some--
Can you guess what it is -- Santa????

IT is snow--
we want some snow--
I want to watch it fall--and so does my Mom--
and Mom wants some on the ground so that she will feel more in the Christmas mood!!
Thank you--Santa
Hugs, Miss Gracie

Hey--blog friends--
taking about the "sky" look at this picture????
Mom was in her chair stitching away when she seen this????
and she did get up and get her camera to share it with you!!!
Can you see what she was seeing?????
Leave us your "answer"!!! thanks--
OK--Miss Gracie my turn--
boy you never know what your live is gonna be like when you adopt a cat--
she is really becoming a computer "hog"!!!!
I did do some stitching today--
after a trip on the bus to Wal mart--
This is now ready--
for the borders and some then some details of some embroidery work--
See it was a Sunbonnet Angel--remember I make one last year and donated it to the 
Library--got me one cut out but did not finish it--so this year it is this much done!!!!!

OK--now for some thinking on your part---
As I was blog hopping last night-- I ran across one asking about what you all want to see in a blog site/post???
One of the comments was--
if I see someone always showing me pictures of fabric and things they have boughten,
but they never do anything with the fabric I DELETE THEM--
ok now my question is--do I do that too much--
do I show you pictures of my fabric buys and then I know it is awhile before I get that fabric done up--and alot of it is still waiting--does that make you upset and do you delete me or want to delete me??????
Any other comments you have on my site--good or not so good--
let me know!!! 
I don't know if I would change anything as this is ME--and my site---
but inquiring "minds" want to know!!!!

I did get a couple more things today for decorating--or rather to "tweak" some of my decorating at wal mart--now to decide when to do the "tweaking"--I mean after all we still do have-----OH my--7 days left--like 7 days in a week left!!!!

Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. There are at least 127 of us who like your blog and read it regularly. (and I'm sure there are a lot more who read you without following) Besides, it's your blog and you should put what you want in it. I love seeing your latest crafty and quilt purchases, and you also always show us the goodies you're making. Keep it up!!

  2. I agree with Luv2 - you have plenty of followers who love reading your blog, seeing your purchases, and all your results. You do a LOT with your purchases, and your blog is very entertaining to read. And you're a very kind, giving, fun person - so I sure won't be hitting the delete button!

  3. Add my agreement to those above. I think your blog should reflect who you are not what someone else wants or expects from you. I think it is fun to see your purchases. Not everyone is going to make something immediately from what they purchase. Sometimes you just have to have it because the fabric, etc. seems to speak to you and if you wait until you know exactly what it will be used for, it will probably be gone. Don't change a thing on your blog. We all love it and you and Miss Gracie. Nola

  4. I'd like to know who posts what they buy and then immediately makes something from it?? No one I know! I love seeing what you get on your shopping trips, and you show a lot of sewing projects...more than me, that's for sure! Besides I'm not here just to see what you make...I like to see what you're up to as a person! So there! :-)

  5. I've been following your blog for quite a while now, and I like it just as it is! There is plenty of variety, it's not boring, I enjoy the feline updates and the fabric updates, so don't change a thing, heck if I used up all my fabric purchases within a few days of buying them, I'd never get anything else done LOL, not everyone has to be an over-achiever, so relax, breathe, and continue on.....BTW, Have a great Christmas, and a cuddle for Miss Gracie. All the best.....Merilyn (Australia)

  6. I so love your Sunbonnet Sue - and I'm sending you some cyber snow (sorry it's the best I can do) - oh and whoever that is - I'm sure that I've been deleted from their blog list LOL!

  7. I'd never delete you and Miss Gracie Di. I enjoy visiting you for everything, not just what you do with fabric. You are a good friend and good friends NEVER get deleted. :)
    love ya,


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