Thursday, December 2, 2010


Gracie says it is not fair that Mom gets to give away a stocking or two and not her---
SOOOO--she sent me to town--
and here she is checking out the "goodies"--
Ahhhhh--need another minute Mom---
Yep--- you did good--
Iike both of these kitty stockings---
Well--okay Gracie--now that you like them--now what???
What do you mean -- now what???
we have to do a drawing--but of course!!!
A drawing--which of my bloggers wants a cat toy stocking????
No MOM--not one of your human bloggers--
but one of my cat fan readers---I know I have some out there!!!
Ok--so what does "this" cat fan have to do???
Easy--they just have to leave ME--Gracie--a comment about why they would like to win this stocking full of "cat fun"--
they need to tell me what there favorite cat toy is now and who they are!!!
Well--I guess this sounds ok--

leave her a comment for  winning one of the above stockings--
oh and she says to state whether you want the red or green one--
Gracie says this will run from today Dec 2nd to Dec 5th--
so cats get those Humans of your to leave a comment---

Oh my--someone should of warned me about adopting a cat--
especially one who wants to think and act like a human!!!!!?????

I did go over town today--
my 60 degree ruler had come in at the Quilt shop--
and as you can see--two pieces of fabric came home toooo!!!
the black and white one is for items for the dinning room--
and the other one is a Christmas one--that for what ever reason I just decided I had to have some of--it also looks like it would go with alot I have already--soooo!!!!!

Well--thank you all for signing up and leaving me comments for my stocking give away--I have gotten to email some of you--some did not leave me a way to say thanks--tomorrow evening I will try to get to the rest of you!!!!

be good have some fun---sew alittle something--or bake me some cookies!!!!!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie 


  1. I think little Gracie is a cutie. It sounds as if she keeps her human entertained. My cat, Moxie, does the same. Gracie seems to be attached to the green stocking. Moxie's owner has been shopping for her online tonight, looking for the perfect gift. Merry, Merry!

  2. Dear Gracie, we would love to have a chance to win a stocking. we don't always get along with each other, but we're good at Christmas time, and promise to play together nicely if we win. Our faborite toys are actually the pens that we steal off dad's desk. then zoe bats them under the hutch. it's so much fun, 'cause then mom and dad have to crawl on the floor to try to get them back. after they do, we start all over again.. hee hee!
    Meow from scooter, chloe, and zoe

  3. Gracie you are such a sweetie kitty. Giving is always a good thing.
    xx, shell

  4. Gracie is so sweet to give away one of her stockings! My Linda would LOVE a stocking, she doesn't have one yet. She is 7 mos old and is sitting on my lap as I type this.

  5. Dear Gracie-
    Mom keeps buying us purple things. This is fine for my two sisters, but I think I should have some green toys.
    Wish you could come play with us too.
    OH and Mom said that she thinks that new fabric your mom bought is very nice!!!
    Purrs to ya, Murphy
    I will let CeCe and Squeaks play too.

  6. Gracie you are so funny :)

    I don't have a cat or know of any cat owners so please don't include me in Gracie's drawing.

  7. Meow, meow, purr, purr, grrrr --- oops! I knew we would give ourselves away ! Hi Gracie - nice stockings. How about you let us win and we let you keep the stocking? How's that for doggy pals!

  8. Dear Gracie,

    We love the idea that you are giving away a stocking too. Please don't include us in the draw because we are going to a new home and I'm sure we'll have lots of new toys there. But we did want to drop in and say hi to you :)
    Purr purr,
    Socks and Pepsi

    PS Did Murphy tell you where he comes from? You should ask him. You'll get an interesting answer :)

  9. Yes Miss Gracie you have fans. You are cute cute cute. Oh and Mom.... it's just like going to the grocery store for milk and you come out with a dozen other thing. It is very seldom I come out of the fabric store with only the item I needed. I always find some thing I just had to

  10. Hi Gracie. This is Johnny Cat and Azrael from California. Mommy says We don't deserve stocking this year because we like to claw Daddy's computer chair and rip up the shower curtain. But we are just playing! Sometime we get tired of playing with our stuffed mouse that Azrael likes to fetch and the fabric-on-a-stick that Johnny Cat likes to drag around the house and ask everyone if they want to play with him. If we had new toys, we wouldn't claw on Daddy's chair anymore. At least, we'd consider it.

    Merry Christmas Gracie,

    Azrael and Johnny Cat

  11. Well Miss Maisie would never forgive me if I didn't enter your giveaway for her. She thinks it is about time someone gave away feline goodies instead of boring fabric. Who wants fabric anyway!
    Gracie, you are lucky to have such lovely toys to play with.


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