Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Let's see we have how many days left to Christmas 2010????
Only 2 days if you are lil sister and 2 1/2 to 3 days if you are "Di"!!!
OUCH--either answer is not a good one -- if one is still working on getting everything ready for the big day????

My friend Anne was here today--
we quilted for awhile and then went out--
had to do that "special" delivery at the Vet's office for another "test" to see if Miss gracie is alllll better or not?????
When we were there last week there was a great big St Bernard mommy dog there--
she was due in 3 days to have some puppies--so I asked today how many she had--
she had 17---and only 4 did not live--so that means there is 13 pups--??????
Then Anne and I went out to lunch--
After I got home I did get some work done!!!
First I did get the pillow made for the little girls doll bed--
then I got this project finished--
the Santa hats for the babies--
one for a Christmas girl and one for a Christmas boy!!!
I got this finished--I had sewn the binding on while Anne was here in the morning--
and then I got all the basting thread pulled out--
I am so excited that I actually got a finish for this year's project all done--
see--I just got this book last month and I did do up a project from it--maybe there is still "hope" for me!!!!???????
Then I got some more work done on --
the Sunbonnet angel wall hanging--think the blue is a little too bright in THIS picture--
it is not really this bright!!!  this now ready for batting and backing and to be quilted and there is some embroidery details to do on it--like the little red bird needs legs!!!

I have seen several "UFO challenges for 2011" out there--
are you joining one and which one?????

I realize alot of you may not be "on" here till after the New Year--
and I will miss you all--
but I will probably still be here--so if you need something to do--
"turn me on"?????
So it's time to strike up the band--
and start "singing" about what Christmas is really about!!!!

Hugs & Love, Di and Miss Gracie


  1. What cute little hats! Those babies will look so precious in those! I love the blue one. The sunbonnet Angel is darling, I love Sunbonnet Sues! I'll be here all week, reading blogs, so you know you'll have at least one reader!

  2. Love your Christmas hats for the babies. How hard are they to do? Sunbonnet Sue is a favorite of mine and wall hanging is adorable. You have a wonderful ability to pull colors together. I will be hanging around here so now you'll have two readers! Nola

  3. You are busy,aren`t you!! Love the two hats:-) And your tree-stitching
    up there looks lovely. BUT please do not count the days,soooooo small
    number, if you count the hours it makes a larger sum added up!!!
    Merry Christmas to you :)))

  4. You are so productive and your projects are beautiful!! I'm impressed!

    A wonderful Christmas to you from Our Scented Cottage!

  5. Oh my gosh was that ever a lot of puppies!
    As always Di, you amaze me with what you can get done!
    Hugs to you and Miss Gracie. I'm off to eat a homemade cookie from a friend. Yummy and oh so naughty!
    xx, shell


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