Wednesday, December 15, 2010


HEAR YE---HEAR YE--!!!!!
My friend, Alice, and I said we HAD to sew today--
My plan was to be in the sewing room all day--

I was in there all morning--does that count???
and this is what I got stitched--
Yep--got the two red work blocks stitched in to a table runner--
and even did the flying geese--
I know some of you don't like making the flying geese--
but I really don't mind stitching them!!!!
I also got it hand basted and even have started hand quilting it--
that is why I was not in the sewing room this afternoon!!!!
OK Alice--what did you do????

I asked one of the residents here who loves to crochet if she would make me a couple red doilies for Christmas decorating--and I did find just the right color of red thread--

and here is what she make for me--
now to decide how to use them?????

And I got some mail today---
This came--

a really cute bundle from the Raspberry Rabbit--
and yes that 'was' some chocolate in that package on the top!!!!
these two beautiful fabrics where inside--
this one with the birds is just beee-autiful!!!!!
thanks Shell, Sugie and Harrington!!!!

Is it Sunday yet????
I realize that everyone is not wanting the time this time of the year to go too fast--
me--I always have to be different--
I can't wait for Sunday--cause--
then miss gracie will be done with her medicines!!!!
and yes--thankfully they are working--oh what a relief---but??????????
Will she still "love" me when this is over????

Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. As long as you continue to feed her, Gracie will always love you! Giving pills isn't fun, is it? Enjoy your new goodies.

  2. Love the table runner Di!
    Glad you got your gifties today. I remembered you liked that birdie fabric. Happiest of Christmases to you and Miss Gracie. You are lucky to have each other and I'm lucky to call you my friend!
    Love ya bunches,

  3. Oh, thats lovely bird fabric, what is the line? by whom? LOL, oh yes, you keep loving on Grace, and she'll love you right back :) Merry Christmas.

  4. Loving your table runner - and your goodies, too. Enjoy!


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