Monday, December 27, 2010


OH well--Holidays are fun--but now we have to get back to doing what ever it is we are suppose to be doing!!!!(that was a "mouth-full" of words!!!!)

so as we usually do--lil sister and I took the bus to wally world--
she needed kitty litter for Morris==I needed kitty food for miss gracie!!
lil sister does not use my brand of kitty litter--
and miss gracie does not eat Morris's kind of food---
go figure!!!!!
we were surprised to still see so much Christmas stuff on the isles--
Usually by the second day after Christmas it is pretty much all gone--
but our Walmart is still full!!!!

OK--Now for my gifts for Christmas--

First we have--
these three items from lil sister--
the set of blue bowls is a set of three and will be perfect for my decorating with my snowmen later this week !!!

Then --
this adorable  Boyds Bear--
 that came with a really cute tag--
and was a gift from Sunny

Remember the tiny package that was under the tree--
it was a pair of real pretty earrings--
unfortunately I can no longer wear earrings--
but my new "Sunny" bear can--
and they are the perfect color to go with "Sunny's" quilt!!!
Thank you soooo very much Sunny!

came from Kady--with the gifts for miss gracie--
I did show you the kitten ornaments--those will be out all year!!
and the two story books were delightful to read--
what neat gifts--thank you soooo much Kady!!

this stash of goodies came from Alice
(Whom we need to get after so she works on her blog site more!!!!)
See the fabric that all the gifts are displayed on---that came also and is what Alice used to wrap the little wooden bird house in!!!  And yes there is a box of Chocolate there--she knows how to stay on the "sweet" side of me!!!--be sure to take a look at that 3-d Card--how cute is that--and look even a "cat" ornament!!!
and then there is that "FABRIC"--oh my how sweet--
Here is a look at the three white and black designed ones--
do think I have a design rattling around in my head for these!!!!
SO--Alice thank you sooo verry much!!

this cute package came all the way from AU and is from Joy
she is getting ready to move in a couple weeks back to Saudi Arabia--
yet she took time to send me a package--
the scarf she crocheted--it is soo cute and it is in my favorite color!!!!!
But look at that cute tote--
the scarf is coming out of a little pocket that is on one side--
I just love this--and that card is sooo cute too--
What can I say--
Thank you soooo much Joy!

and this pile of goodies came from Lola
Lola and I were in an exchange group last year--and I had her name--
we have kept in touch since--and now her and Alice are good friends as they both go to the same quilt shop in VA and they often get together and stitch together--
so maybe I need to move to VA???
Any ways--look at those prim kittens--this is a panel that has several different things to make with the kittens and these kittens will go great with the ones Kady sent me--how cool is that???  Then look at that pretty pink and green and tan fabrics--I mean--how could you not love them--(have to keep these out of lil sister's site--she's awant'a them!!)
Thank you sooo much Lola!!

I got these gifts from an old pen pal---we have been writing back and forth for over 10 years now--Cindy lives in PA and she does not have a blog--she is still a letter writer--
so once in a while I have to get out my pen's and sharpen them up and write her a letter!!! I really needed the little calendar--it will go over my computer desk here where I type--can always use note pads and that towel is just perfect for me--all the right colors--chmas green , chmas red, and white--
Thanks soo much Cindy!

well--that is about it--
this has been my "bestest" Christmas in a very long time--
so how do I really say "Thank You" to each and everyone of you???
and then there has been all of you blog friends who have sent me "wishes" by way of the Internet---they are sooo meaningful also--thank you!!!!

Now it really is time to go back to work--
well--maybe just "think" about it--
we could wait until after the New Year to really get going again!!!!
and kitty "purrs" from miss gracie!!!


  1. You were very spoiled this year! Everything looks wonderful. I love the black and white fabrics Alice sent you.

  2. certainly were spoilt with lots of wonderful goodies :)
    I hope all is well for you and Miss Gracie for 2011 :)
    hugs Vicki

  3. Just lovely gifts! I know you will be able to put all that fabric and kitty stuff to good use! Happy New Year - if I don't get back to you before the 1st of the year.

  4. Someone was a very good girl this year with all those prezsies! you deserve them.
    Can't wait to see what you'll be sewing in the new year.
    Keep warm!!

  5. what a great haul! Love all the black and white fabric. What line is it from? You will be stitching up a storm in 2011.


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