Thursday, December 9, 2010


As you all know and have seen, Miss Gracie has her share of toys and then some!!!!
but I have not showed you most "favorite" one????
I always carry these in my pockets--
as I can start coughing when someone around me has on too many "scents" and  I am unable to catch my breathe--
and one day one of these happened to fall out of my pants pocket--
Yep--a mint--only I really like the green striped ones--
well, Miss Gracie was all over that candy piece--
not to eat it--she bats them all around--
and she especially loves to "chase" it around on the vinyl bathroom floor--
and she like to hide it under the rug in there--
she will entertain herself for the longest time doing this!!!!
Who knew that a cat would have sooo much fun with a piece of candy costing a "penny"???????

Wanted to "show and tell" you about this basket--
but first see those little packages inside???
My mom did those years and years ago--
they are still in good shape and I do use them every year in some way!!!
Back to the basket--
don't know if you can really see how this was done or not???
I taught this basket making class many years ago--
you made the frame from one wooden embroidery hoop and round caning ribs--
you had to sharpen the ends of the cane with a pencil sharpener--
and you used alot of masking tape--
then you tore fabric into long strips and wove the fabric in and out of the ribs until you filled in the whole body of the basket--you then make a liner for the inside of the basket!!!!
You could make these in different sizes--
I have always loved this one and bring it out every year and do something different with it!!!

I do believe that other than the fact Christmas is a time to celebrate the Christ childs birth--I believe it is a time for memories---and you know what is so "odd" about that????
is that Joseph had to go back to his home town for the census count--so he was back into his families memories when the "son" was born---
Hummm--tis something to ponder about hu???--while we are rushing around trying to get everything done and to please everyone while we are at it!!!!!
 OK time for some fun----

Which one of these Christmas characters is your favorite???
and do you collect "it" and for how long have you been collecting????
You can only pick "one" to tell me about now!!!!!
ready--- set -----go -------!!!
Hugs, Di & miss gracie


  1. I don't collect any Christmas characters, but do collect Christmas houses. I've been doing it for about 20 years. I loved the little paper houses that we had when I was a kid, and would love to have a village of them.

  2. Only ONE? I have quite a collection of Santas. Most of them are wood, and in different shapes. Like a triangle one, one is an upside-down heart for santa's head, some are really tall, some square, etc. And speaking of Santa, we had our Photo Club Christmas meeting tonight at the local American Legion Hall. When we came out of the meeting room, Santa was in the lounge where they were starting karoake. And he's the 'real' santa! No fake beard or hair on this one.

  3. I love Frosty the Snowman! I collect snowmen although I am trying to downsize that a bit this year. :)I think it's because I miss snowmen and the snow. I was born and raised in Alaska and now live in Southern California. Frosty doesn't like it here. :)


  4. OK my favorite is the gingerbread man because he is so yummy. I don't really collect any particular kind of Christmas item--well unless it is a cow with a Santa hat. Love the cows.
    Whatever is cute at the time is what I get.
    Your countdown to Christmas is making me nervous.
    Must get busy scurrying around like Gracie.
    Love the basket--my mom has a bunch of them that she did a long long long time ago that she keeps in a gorgeous white Santa sled.
    Might have to do some too.

  5. I love snow too! Of course, it doesn't snow here in Sacramento but I make for it by collecting snowflakes! Gracie is such a cutie. My guys go crazy over my hair band. They love swatting it around the floors. I always find them in the strangest places!

  6. I don't collect any one thing. However, David and I have collected an ornament every year since we started dating in 1989. I love them. I put all of them on a little tree in our bedroom.
    xx, shell


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