Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Yep--got some "sweet" things to show and tell and share!!!

First here is another gift I forgot to take a photo of--

This from my friend Anne yesterday--
Ahhh-there is already one chocolate bar missing--
you know that new "mouse" that you seen yesterday--
Had to of been "her"!!!!
then the second most important foods of course is the Peanut Butter and jelly--
and there is a gift card to go buy the bread to put the pj and jelly on--
oh and if I get tired of eating there is some "cute" buttons to play with!!!!

And guess what---?????
I finally today tracked down where I found the pattern for these "sweet" ornaments--

that some got in the mail--
check out this
and her Sept 10, post--
Caution--first the video is in a foreign language--??
and there is a dog barking in the back ground the whole time--
but just put it on "mute" and watch the photos--simple--
2nd Caution--these are very addicting--so be careful!!!!!!!!!

and I have a joined something "sweet" this year--
it is a UFO challenge--
but with a cute twist--
we list 10 projects--then each month she picks a number and that is the project for that month--we do not have to decide "which" one to work on next????
now that is a "sweet" idea to me!!!
there is also other UFO's out there--happy hunting!!!

Now I don't usually "advertise" for other companies--
but I just tonight ran across a "sweet" one--
if you are looking for some baking accessories check this out--
I am telling you that this site just might get me to bake up some sweets yet????
and now talking about "Sweets"--
here is my sweety---
and she is playing with her "sweet" catnip bag from Kady and her candy--

Well--I am not doing alot of sewing--
though I am doing alittle knitting and some hand quilting--
mostly everyday I have been on this computer doing alot of cleaning up of files  and maintenance sort of stuff?????
What are doing?????

and miss gracie


  1. Thanks so much for pointing me to the tutorial. I can see that these could be very addicting.

  2. What a great gift - and I love those ornaments you made - just SO cute!!!

  3. Oh I love the ornament you made! Just beautiful!!! Thanks for the link. I'm going to try to get some of my UFO's done in January. A lot of them just have to be quilted. I do have some incentive too! My husband thinks I have too much fabric, and that I should use what I have before buying more. Ughhhh!!!! So now I've gotta finish some of my quilts to make space for new fabric right!!! I need some fabric shopping therapy!!! Hugs Ariane

  4. Hey Di!
    It's been awhile, hope you had a Merry Christmas! Those ornaments are too cute! Ya know, I'm looking forward to the coming year of being inspired by you (& other ladies in blogland).


  5. Wishing you and Miss Gracie a very creative and happy New Year. I have enjoyed your blog, look forward to seeing what new adventures 2011 hold for you all....

  6. Love the ornaments! Too cute. That's for the link. Happy 2011.

  7. I love that ornament Di. Too much fun!
    Gracie looks so cute playing with her toys. She's such a sweetie.
    xx, shell

  8. Somehow I missed this post. Now I know how to make the ornament. Thanks!

  9. I recognize that star ornament. Thank you. I have it hanging on my little prim trim in the bedroom right now. Thanks for sharing the link for the directions. I was wondering if they're hard to make. Gracie is so cute. I just love seeing her pictures. Wish I could give her a hug.


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