Friday, December 24, 2010


DID  we all make it????
Tonight is Christmas eve here in this area of the world--
and today was Christmas day in other parts of the world--
I ended up working on things like laundry, shopping, cleaning--
doing cards for the other residents here and a surprise stocking for 'lil sister' and worked up until 6 pm--but now I am on Christmas time!!!!

Tonights feature is --
of course the real reason we need and want to celebrate this Christmas time:

Have a wonderful Christmas time--

Hugs, and Love, from Di and Miss Gracie--


  1. Merry and Blessed Christmas, Di and Miss Gracie!!!
    May the joy and wonder of our Saviour's birth flow into your hearts and home today!
    Love and hugs
    Jenny and the E family

  2. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year Di and miss Gracie :) looking forward to sharing the new year with you :)
    hugs Vicki xx

  3. Merry Christmas Di and Gracie. (sorry I'm late to say this - but I had a house full of company and couldn't even find the computer much less have time to get on it.)
    And thanks for posting the true meaning of Christmas!


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