Sunday, January 30, 2011


One of the things that I decided that I wanted to do this year was to get back into some of my "old" crafts--
and then I found a simple counted cross stitch group--
and joined that--
and here -- in part is January's block--
the original design has more outside work on it--
snowflakes for one thing and the month is stitched at the bottom--
but at this point I am leaving him as is--
want to see next months before I make a choice on how to finish him--
I think I just want to make him into a small pillow--and do them all that way--
and then fill a wood bowl or dish with them!!!!
time will tell--!!!

Here is a counted cross stitch that I did 3-4 years ago now--I think???
One of the things that I enjoy in counted cross stitch is doing the abc sampler's!!!
Have several around that I have done down through the years since 1989!!

I have some other things I want to do--
but at least this month--
in addition to all the quilting and stitching--
I did read one book--
and  I watched one movie--
(remember I have No TV!!!!--but I do spend time every single day playing with Miss gracie--sometimes that is a whole "show" in itself!!!!)

Hope everyone had a great week end--some of us are going to have a very cold week ahead of us and maybe more snow--so don't put them shovels away just yet--or the long johns!!!!

PS--tomorrow is the last day of the month for those finishes--
me hopes to get two more done--yea?????

Friday, January 28, 2011


That poor 30's quilt that has been in the making for 3 years is now "totally" finished---
I can not tell you how happy I am with this finish!!!!
when I was going to our local quilt shop --Quilt club meetings--
our leader showed us how to make this block--I came home and away I went-- 
and I ended up with a whole quilt top to show the next month!!!
the quilt is about 56 x 56 inches now--
it was larger--it originally had another outer border of 6 inches on each side--
Here it is--
I used to run an "ionizer" in the apartment to clean the air--
but it also liked to bleach out the "cheaper" cuts of fabric--
that is why now I only buy the 'good quilt shop fabric"!!!
this border was a bright yellow--
Probably the same yellow that I ended up using as the binding--
but I felt is was safe now to use as I only run regular air cleaning machines--
so here is one corner--each row of the flying geese borders took 5 hours to hand quilt--so I have alot of hand quilting hours in this "baby"-
---but miss gracie just loves this quilt---sooooo!!!!
Oh and Sofie seems to like it tooo!!!

and here is where the little hexagon quilt has found a home for now--
see it on the ladder back of the chair!!!

So I now only have one more project to finish for this month and three days to do it--
hummmm--only time will tell!!!

And next month I am planning on doing something alittle different--at least part of the time--and there is a celebration to look forward to in Feb--so hang on to your "pants" we are in for a wild ride in February!!

Take care and have a great week end--

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Project is complete---
take a looky at this one--
It is a small 'dolly' sized hexagon quilt--
designed as I went --by me!!!!
It is all hand done--
and hand quilted--
I really enjoyed working on this little quilt--
and I am happy that I finally got to do make some hexagon flowers--
and so now the story has to continue---
here is the second flower from yesterday all stitched together--
but I am still not sure I like the larger print!!!!
what can I say-- I like small prints--
I must be a "leftover 30's gal"!!!!

Mail Call--
I got in a terrible "fabric buying" mood the other night--
I just had to order some--or--
I would of eaten all the chocolate in the house--
and Cotton Charms ended up  having just what I was looking for--
she (Kelly) was the winner of taking my money from me!!!!
But----look----at what I got in exchange---
First --more of the Bliss line--these are 1/2 yard cuts--
the solid one on top is a Bella Solid called "tea rose" and it goes perfect with the Bliss colors!!!
the two tiny checks are from the Astor Manor line--but they go perfect with these two Martinique line by Three sisters---I have 2 charm packs and maybe another piece or two of the Martinique line--soooo!!!
And these two are from the Wiscasset line--I just liked them or it might of been the price of these I likes!!!!  But I know they will go with some of my other fabrics one of these days---and who knows--Di just might find some Wiscasset charm packs or jelly rolls on sale to go with these orphans!!!!

And today I was busy sewing allllll day---
but can't show the quilt just yet--maybe tomorrow --
am done to sewing the binding to the back of the quilt!!!!

We have Not gotten any of the big snow here where I live--we are inland --the storms lately are coming right up the coast--so places like New York City and Long Island, and New Jersey are getting it all---we used to get it--but for about 3 years now they get it all--think the earth has shifted a bit---sooooo!!!!

PS--ok Mom it's my turn--
my Mom did some 'beauty' work on me last night--
she trimmed all my nails and I was very good and let her--
then she combed my fur alot--and oh how that felt good--
and see my "tummy" hair is finally finally growing back in!!!!
Keep warm now you alllllll!!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I believe that everyone loves flowers--

All shapes--
All sizes--
All colors--
All kinds--
But the winner of all the flowers is---

---is the--
and we have one day a week--
devoted to this flower--
I have started a larger set of these--
these are the one inch size--
and this is done in the Bliss line--
see I picked it "fresh" out of the garden today!!!

Now I just love this line of fabric--
but am not sure I like all the prints as flowers--
Here is the second one--I did not get it sewed together--
yet--but will--but I do like the first one better!!!

I do believe that today really had "wings" on it--
it just flew by--yet I was busy--but just don't see--
where I got much done--so what gives!!!?????

Well--the poor east coast is getting "dumped" on again today---
so I guess they need to have this attitude for awhile!!!!
here we are only suppose to get a dusting!!!!

PS did you do your "flower" for this week?????

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hi--I am Miss Gracie--
and I have a story to tell you tonight!!
My mom decided that as it was so cold and snowy--
that she needed to do something to remember this winter--
so she took this--
ball of warm -- off white yarn and these tiny short wood needles--
and guess what she made with them???
Two cute snow ladies--
Hey gals--that is the wrong direction--
you can't trust a snowpersons directions--remember???
that's better girls--
but can you come alittle closer????
OK--now this is better!!!
see how cute these came out--
and you know my Mom--she has to change things alittle from the patterns--
here she made a shawl type bonnet instead of just the bonnet--
and she added cute buttons to each one instead of black yarn knots--
and the noses -- she said there was NO way she was gonna attempt the pattern ones--besides she really did not care for them--
then she remembered she had some painted wood ones left over from another project couple years ago--
She had taken little wood Christmas bulb shapes and painted them orange and used them for noses and after looking for them awhile (she is very organized now--only she can't remember "where" she organized everything tooooo!!!)
but she did find them and she said they where worth the "hunt"!!!
(me -- if I am going to go hunting--I would much rather hunt for something "alive"--like a mouse!!!!)
and here is the original  picture--
 Next year or when ever she may make some of the smaller ones--
she said these are fairly easy to make--unless--
unless -- you have a "fur" ball who likes to eat the yarn as she knits--
now I have no idea whom she is talking about here!!?????

And she said to tell you to be sure to read yesterday's post--
she is still waiting on some more places to visit--
so far she is going to Florida--California, and Maryland!!!!

Ok I 'bestest' go for now--

I have to get to her chair before she does---
it's a game we like to play!!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

OK--NOW WHAT ???????

Yes--I have been steadily working on projects--
does eating Chocolate count here????
But no total finishes yet???
If I stuck to just one at a time --but---
I can only hand quilt just so long and then I need to do something different--
that is why I have 4  projects in the works that I "hope" to finish by the 31st!!!

and I don't feel I can show picture after picture of Ufo's--
so what to talk about???

Let's talk about "Vacations" for this summer--
Hey I like that Idea!!!!
I am planning on doing some traveling this summer--June through November--
so I need some help--

A. do you have any special events in your town or state during this time that is fun to go to and see???

B. do you know of any quilting shop hops or special events in your area (or someplace else) during this time???   or even a quilting retreat!!!????

C. do you have any animal rescue place near you--or know of one???

D. What else might one enjoy seeing or doing that you have always wanted to go to or see????

Well this is a start for you to work on!!!!
I really do need some help here--there is several states I would love to see--
am not too interested in the big city doings--like country and the back roads--though if you live near a big city and want to meet me that is ok!!!?????

so either leave me a comment here--or go to my profile page and send me an email--
thank you so much!!

Well back to the stitching---

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