Friday, January 21, 2011


On the wall--

You take one down and ---

You pass it around--
98 bottles of beer on the wall!!!
Did you ever sing this on bus trips when you were in school???
we did!!!  Course if my mother knew that we even "sang" this kind of song--
I never would of been allowed to go to the football games--
and would you believe the funniest thing is -- I never did know what, how, why they were playing football--have never understood that game!!!!   sorry!!!!

OK--time to be serious--
I now have only 99 more unfinished projects--
as I got one of last years BOM's totally finished--
Drum roll--please---
Ahhh--wrong--try again!!!!

That's better--
it is this one--

Got block #12 done today for the Sentimental Journey series by-
Raspberry Rabbits!!!
And here is a picture of all 12--
I just love these blocks with all there sayings on them--
Now Shell--she had you finish them off by sewing them to a large background and she uses her's for pockets--one for each month--
Me---I really don't have that kind of wall space--
and I like to change things--so by leaving them small--I can place them around where ever I want--  Thanks Shell and the bunnies for a fun year!!
this year she is doing heart blocks!!!

Weather Update--
We got about 5-6 inches of snow last night--
but today was sunny for the most part--
temperature was a big high of 19--
Wind chill was probably single digits--
bitter wind all day!!!
And here is what the Internet said for the next couple days--
Sat (tomorrow) high of 16--low of 4
Sunday--High of 9---low of -12 (this is without the wind chill factor!!!)
Monday--High of 7--low of 4
and on Tuesday--we get a heat wave--
Tues--high of 23--low of 11----!!!!!
Now this forecast is subject to change--
you know how the weather man likes to do that---
but---what they are saying here is---
cold--then colder--then colder yet!!!
Has anyone seen my ticket for Florida???????

Hope you all have a safe and a little warmer week end--


  1. I hope you're not serious about having 99 UFOs. That would drive me crazy but then again I haven't counted my UFOs and yes I am scared to lol.

    Our Florida weather has been weird lately but it's still better than snow and -12. Today we had fog until after lunch. It was very strange to be driving around in the fog so late in the day.

  2. I love all your little quote hangings. I've saved them all, but only stitched a couple. I like how you embellished all of them. It was 28 here today. It felt like a heat wave!

  3. Oh, yes we sang that song on the bus too. And I'm not counting my UFOs.

  4. Well done for finishing! It looks great :) And yes, we used to sing that song... and change the bottles of beer to "milk" when parents were around, lol :)

  5. Oh Di!! Now I'm gonna sing that song all night!! hee,hee,hee.
    I looooooooove all your blocks girlfriend!! I think placing them all around here and there will be fun too! Give you a positive little lift when you need it! Way to go!
    Do you really have 99 more things to finish??? Dag!!!
    We had snow again today! We never get snow and we've had it 3 times since Christmas!! Ick, gag, puke!!
    Stay warm!
    xx, shell


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