Sunday, January 2, 2011

DAY TWO OF 2011!!!!

How did you spend the second day of the new year????
Shopping for after Christmas "sales"???
Maybe catching up on laundry and house work????
Maybe catching up on reading all the blog posts you missed during the holidays???
Catching up on some missed "sleep"???


However you spent it-- I hope you were "focusing" on that project and enjoying those rewards of a job well done!!!


Now what did "I" do today???
Not really what I had "planned" for today--
but I did get a start on it!!!
I did dishes--then put two ivys in the sink for a spray bath--
then I went in and worked at cleaning off my cutting counter and dresser in the bedroom--some one when they were putting away Christmas  -- seemed to have "piled" up "piles" of this and that--that also caused a bit of a chain reaction--cause before I could do a good job there--I discovered "someone" had gotten alot of the Christmas fabrics out and then did not put them back into the drawers and left them just on top of the drawers--so that lead to cleaning out the new fabric closet somewhat!!!!
don't you love it -- when you go to do one job--then discover you have to do another job first --before you can do the first job?????


Any how I did work all morning around the apartment-- then called "lil sister" and said I thought we should go for a walk--she agreed so off we went!!!
Now you know that when we go for a walk--that really means that we go shopping!!!!
went to the Wags to Riches shop (pet thrift store)--
and yes someone came home with me--
met my new roommate--
a China doll--I do believe that this is the first china doll I have ever owned--
the thrift store had some others before Christmas -- but they were real "frilly"--not me!!
but this little gal stole my heart--even though she was $12. 
Here is her little shoes and socks--
I am pretty sure the shoes and socks are "old"--
but don't know if the doll is very old and I know the dress is not her's--
or else the poor dolly has gained some "weight"!!!!
She does have the cutest tiny necklace on--a cameo!!
and a cute straw hat--Di will just have to make her a new dress and apron--
she will go with my civil war mini quilts--have to see which one!!!
OH--that's right--Di hasn't made but one so far!!!!!


Then we went to the Antique shop--
I broke the globe to my Mom's old kerosene lamp years ago--but look at what I found for $3 today--
the clear one on the lamp is the correct one--the white one was the one I have been using on it for last few years--but it really was too big!!!

And yes--I did even get some quilting done today--so I am a happy camper!!!

Hope you had a great day too!!!

Hugs, Di and a sleeping miss gracie


  1. Hi Di! I got some organizing done too. I squared up some quilt blocks, then started piling my Christmas decorations on my dining room table. It's a mess in there now! Oh well, this week maybe the cleaning fairy will swoop in and put everything away!!

  2. I finally found the bookcase I've been looking for! So I had to put it together, trade it out with dh's (mine is a smaller space), and now I'm organizing all my quilting books and magazines! I also bought some beads, cross-stitch fabric, and an item for a Neart swap I'm in next month. Can't wait to get my room organized! It's back to work tomorrow. :-(

  3. I have been washing....reorganising my walk in wardrobe which was becoming more of a stand at the door and throw things in robe! with that tidy I decided to reorganise and throw out some clothes I haven't worn and won't wear anytime's project (if I ever get off the computer!) is the sewing room.....wish me luck. is about choices and today I am choosing to play on the computer and catch up with friends.....and listen to the that it's lunch time I have the afternoon to play in my sewing room!

  4. Day 2! Here we go around the sun again! Happy 2011 to you!
    Reading your post, sounds like we both had a similar problem today, having to do another job before you can do the first job!
    Oh, but it is January, and we all have that "itch" to get organized and live more simply this month...
    So, hopefully, we will focus more and accomplish more! for me, I didn't get anything accomplished today!
    ...I did NOT get outside to enjoy our 70+degree weather,for a walk, I did NOT take down my Christmas tree yet, OR reorganize my wrap box {the big container I keep all my wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, tissue paper and tags in}.
    BUT, I did sit with my dear hubby, and watched the HGTV Dream Home 2011 show he's been talking about--they're giving away a beautiful home in Stowe,VT {not far from where we're from!}.
    And then we watched another Hallmark movie from my saved shows on the dvr. So, I guess I did accomplish SOMEthing~just not what I had "planned"! and all in all, it was a great day! Glad yours was, too!

  5. Looks like we're both going to be making doll clothes...LOL

    Aren't we all little girls at heart? Well, with a little "Tom Boy" thrown in that is.

    Happy January 3rd. Any plans today?

  6. I've been catching up on laundry around here. I pretty much stay away from half-price sales these days unless I just happen upon one as I'm grocery shopping. I'm all baked out and need a rest from the holiday rush. Love your new dolly. She's very sweet and I like that you put her in a basket with three kitty pets. That arrangement looks really cute. I'm glad you like your kitties. Tell Miss Gracie to have sweet dreams.

  7. Hi Di! I'm back! And will be using days to catch up on blog posts! Nice doll - look forward to seeing what you make for her. Take care - and hugs:)

  8. P.S., I have to tell you, I dreamt about walking down your street and going to the pet thrift shop and the antique store...and a church too?! Anyway how funny right?

  9. I seemed to be in limbo - we had company so I couldn't quilt, didn't want to do much anyway. About all I did was some laundry. Now today, I'm back at work and plan to do some quilting when I get home! Yippee!

  10. Oh grammy had a china doll like that and I always loved it. My sister has it now. I may have to steal it!!!
    She is wonderful!
    xx, shell

  11. Sounds like you had a great day!!! Your new room mate is very sweet :)


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