Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I believe that everyone loves flowers--

All shapes--
All sizes--
All colors--
All kinds--
But the winner of all the flowers is---

---is the--
and we have one day a week--
devoted to this flower--
I have started a larger set of these--
these are the one inch size--
and this is done in the Bliss line--
see I picked it "fresh" out of the garden today!!!

Now I just love this line of fabric--
but am not sure I like all the prints as flowers--
Here is the second one--I did not get it sewed together--
yet--but will--but I do like the first one better!!!

I do believe that today really had "wings" on it--
it just flew by--yet I was busy--but just don't see--
where I got much done--so what gives!!!?????

Well--the poor east coast is getting "dumped" on again today---
so I guess they need to have this attitude for awhile!!!!
here we are only suppose to get a dusting!!!!

PS did you do your "flower" for this week?????


  1. Such pretty flowers - I just love the Bliss fabric, too! Very nice stitchin Miss Di!

  2. I like the first flower better also but the second one is still cute. Once you sew them all together it will be beautiful.

    I feel bad for everyone who is getting all that snow. I have never driven in snow but I imagine it isn't fun. Stay warm and safe.

  3. I love flowers and sunshine! But haven't tried a hexie flower yet... all of your blossoms are beautiful. We are having some warm weather here... should I blow some sunshine your way?

  4. One Flower Wednesday is the way to go!! Lovely blissful flower that you've made. Stay out of that snow- you'd best keep inside and stitch today!


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