Friday, January 7, 2011


You all probably know by now that my "word" for the last couple of years has been--
Believe--and that will still be a word for me--

this morning as I opened the refrigerator door to make my breakfast--
it said---"your word is----WISDOM--

and oh my--talk about lightbulb moments--
I truly "believe" that I am in need of this word for the year 2011--
in alot of ways--and as the year goes by--you my friends will see "why" that is the perfect word for me!!!

Like I already really really need that word--tonight even!!!
Miss Gracie has to go back on one of the medicines she was on before Christmas--
this is a tiny 1/4 of pill--but -- this gal knows when it is added to anything--
and we did not do good in getting it in her --apparently!!!
soooo--tonight at 10 pm I need wisdom on how to do this for her???!!!!!
Anyone want to come and help me????

So Kelly thank you for his challenge--
I am really happy with this word--
I feel like this year will be so much easier for me--
cause the bible does say--"that if anyone lacks wisdom--they just need to ask"--but how many times (nearly all the time) do we try to do things with our own "limited" wisdom--and then wonder why the "results" did not come out right!!!!!

today was a "working day" around here--
did make a quick trip to Walmart--
then spent the next couple of hours down in the laundry room--
then I discovered that Miss Gracie's problem was back--so there was some phone calls--
but I did get two more blocks hand quilted on my large 30's quilt--
and one more tiny flower made up--
I really do enjoy seeing these come together--
think it is the challenge of them being sooo small
that really get me--"High"!!!!

Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. Don't know if this would work for a cat it does for my dog. I hide the pill in a bit of softened cheese slice(can't get a cold one to wrap or flatten well) then I give the piece with the med in it in front of her while holding another for follow up.She is so anxious to get a second piece she takes the first with no problem. But I know cat are finicky and might not go for it.
    Maybe in your WISDOM you can think of another treat it might work with!! Good Luck.

  2. Faye is quite right. Our cat(s), yep 2 of them both need to take pills and cheese is the only way. I give them both just a little smidge of cheese to begin with, then the second piece has the pill in it. - no worries all swollowed up and kitties getting better by the day. Good luck with Miss Gracie.

  3. So sorry about Gracie. Cats sure are not easy to medicate. I'm glad your word found you! Mine kind of found me, too. I guess that's how we know it's the right word. Cute hexie.

  4. I'd help you if I could Di!! Can you crush it up and put it in some milk? Although that may not be a good least in my house, one of my cats"issues" in the litter box whenever she drinks it. I know you don't need more of that! I used to have a cat who had to take 1/4 of a pill every day, I'd crush it up in her wet food and she ate it. I guess I had it easy. I hope Miss Gracie will be good for you!!

  5. Dogs are so much easier to medicate. Suzi needs benadryl occasionally. I just pop the pill in her mouth and hold her mouth closed and rub her neck. If I put it in a piece of food she eats the food and spits the pill back out. I don't think that would work well with a cat but it might be fun to watch someone try lol.

    The two pieces of cheese sounds like a great idea.

    We had a cat years ago that the only way to give him a bath was to float a bowl of milk in the tub. He would stand there and drink his milk while we washed him up lol.


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