Thursday, January 20, 2011


Bitter cold and now they say even some snow!!!

So when a girl friend called today and said she was coming by and did I need to go any place--I said 'Yes'--
Decided I had better go to store and get Miss Gracie some--
As I had only enough till Monday and now they are saying this bitter cold spell will be here till next Wednesday--I do not want to have a hungry cat on my hands!!!
So off we went--
and yes--"Di" got her some more Chocolate, tooooo!!!!

After Denise let me out here and I got home and undressed--
I realized that I had cash that needed to go into the bank overtown--
It was not an easy thing to decide--but I found me some "a good reason to go!!"
and off I went--cause once you come out of the bank--guess what is right across the street---
My quilt shop--
and they were having 25% off all Yellow fabric today--
so these came home--
Only 1/2 yard each--but I like them--she really did not have much in yellow!!!
as I was checking out --
I found this on the counter--
Yes--could not believe my luck--so as you can see---
I have some fun reading to do now tooooo!!!!
so I was real happy with myself for going to the bank--
except that by the time I got home I was "hurting" alot--
my body does not like the cold--and it let's me know!!!
Oh looky--Mom is home--
hey Mom what did you bring me!!!!

Sewing--yep--one whole side is now hand quilted on the 30's quilt--
and I did start something else and had hoped to finish it all today--
so tomorrow is another day!!!!


  1. Glad to hear you have all the necessary items to make it through the storm :)

  2. It's supposed to be really cold up here too. I'm glad you got all your're right, don't want to be without cat food and chocolate!! Pretty yellow fabrics, and the magazine will be a great read!

  3. Glad you and Miss Gracie are prepared for the cold wave coming your way. Chocolate is an absolute must for those days when it is miserable outside. I adore your yellow fabric especially the yellow flowers. Yellow is one of my favorite colors. Take care and will be anxious to see your 30's quilt all quilted. Nola

  4. Well, now that you have all you need, you can bundle up in one of your quilts to keep warm. I don't like the cold much either. It is cold but nice out today. It snowed during the night and the roads are really sloppy. But, I'm off work today. I will do some house cleaning as I have 4 extra teenage boys coming over tonight. Ahhh!!! It should be loud and crazy here. Hugs Ariane

  5. Now you and miss Gracie can curl up and keep warm and enjoy your goodies.

  6. Now you and miss Gracie can curl up and keep warm and enjoy your goodies.

  7. Good thing you did go to the store for Miss Gracie cause I am sure when her bowl is just about empty she let's you know.....Abbie does and she does not let up her nagging till we fill it up.

    Hugs, Carolyn :)


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