Monday, January 3, 2011


This is "kinda" how I felt today--
like someone had there hands over my "eyes"-
cause I was having "trouble" keeping with the Plan!!!

did make the bus to Walmart--
gotta get that cat food and litter--
but lil sister and I missed the bus back that we really wanted--
but "thankfully" a friend came by--and we "hitched" a ride with her--

By the time I ate lunch--
I also felt like my whole body had run a race--
so I went to Plan B--don't you just  love it!!
I did--cause Plan B was sitting in the sewing chair and working on my quilt--
now you remember I have listed my "unfinished" projects from seasons past--
( don't seasons sound better than "years"??????)
I forgot I think to mention that I have '3' leftovers of Christmas projects to finish--
BEFORE---I can even start on the "seasons leftover" list!!!
on top of that---I managed to find 2 more I need to list--ouch!!!

January I decorate with snowmen and the color blue---
Later I felt a little better and did do some decorating--
the cabinet got done--
and then redone--
and then redone--
I think it is finally "a go"!!!!
top of it--these may not stay here?????
See the big snow balls--got those today for 50 cents--
they have shiny beads on then--so they show up nice--
and if one has snowmen--one must have snowballs!!!
and for the table --
all by myself--
I came up with this--

remember the "globe" in yesterdays post--well here it is--
under it is one of my small candle lights (electric kind)
and blue beads and balls in the bowl---
took a couple trys -- but I really do like how it came out!!!
(picture me bowing to a crowd---lol)

Miss Gracie and her mom is playing!!!!
Well her mom is getting some "arm" exercise !!!

Hugs, Di and that "goofy" cat--miss gracie


  1. Sometimes plan B is way better than plan A, thus the reason for plan B.
    Miss Gracie you are a such a sweet kitty!
    Love your decorating Di!
    xx, shell

  2. Plan B is often better especially when it involves stitching or chocolate.Everything else can wait for another day. Oh,Plan A & B must include playtime with pets!!
    ps Almost have Mom's lap quilt done.It will be mmy first UFO finish for 2011.

  3. Plan B turned out great! i love all your decorations. We just put our Christmas tree away today, and it looks a little bare.

  4. I love all your snowman and blue decorations!! They look great! I often have to opt for a plan b! But that's okay! I kind of like just going with the flow!! Hugs Ariane

  5. Your snowmen look great! I love the blue plate best!

  6. Love the snowmen! And your globe arrangement, too. On plan B myself today...

  7. What a day - so glad you got some stitching in and felt better! LOVE the snowment - so cute!!!

  8. Oh, your decorations are so pretty for winter time. You have been busy finishing up some projects. You will be ready for next year.
    Your kitchen valance looking very cheery for the winter


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