Sunday, January 30, 2011


One of the things that I decided that I wanted to do this year was to get back into some of my "old" crafts--
and then I found a simple counted cross stitch group--
and joined that--
and here -- in part is January's block--
the original design has more outside work on it--
snowflakes for one thing and the month is stitched at the bottom--
but at this point I am leaving him as is--
want to see next months before I make a choice on how to finish him--
I think I just want to make him into a small pillow--and do them all that way--
and then fill a wood bowl or dish with them!!!!
time will tell--!!!

Here is a counted cross stitch that I did 3-4 years ago now--I think???
One of the things that I enjoy in counted cross stitch is doing the abc sampler's!!!
Have several around that I have done down through the years since 1989!!

I have some other things I want to do--
but at least this month--
in addition to all the quilting and stitching--
I did read one book--
and  I watched one movie--
(remember I have No TV!!!!--but I do spend time every single day playing with Miss gracie--sometimes that is a whole "show" in itself!!!!)

Hope everyone had a great week end--some of us are going to have a very cold week ahead of us and maybe more snow--so don't put them shovels away just yet--or the long johns!!!!

PS--tomorrow is the last day of the month for those finishes--
me hopes to get two more done--yea?????


  1. would swap some of your snow/ice/cold for some of our 42C heat at the moment...

  2. Great minds think alike! I've also dragged out some cross stitch and am working on a Christmas ornament. I cross stitched for years - it was my passion - but then I discoverd patchwork. Still love cross stitch though.

  3. I used to cross stitch but found I prefer embroidery. More snow? Yikes! We are fortunate to be heading up to 80 this week.

  4. Love the little owl Di! Stay warm inside...did you say you have no tv? Wow, I admire you!!


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