Sunday, January 9, 2011


a cat a pill!!!!
But mom--I have such a sweet-loving face--
what's the problem????

 See how easy they do it at the Vet's office!!!

Oh yea==
What doesn't work (at least as far as Miss Gracie is concerned!!)
````Mixing the whole 1/4 pill in her food----
 doesn't work--
 as most cats have a "special" taste bud that they "can" taste something foreign in there food a mile away!!!

```mixing it with--gravy--

Now doesn't nice "turkey" gravy sound good???
Well--not to "the cat"--doesn't matter whether it is mixed along in with her food--
Or put in a syringe---it just won't go down!!!

````mixing it with--jelly--
nice smooth sweet tasting jelly--
nor does using the eye dropper and jelly work!!!

 `````what about just sticking it down the throat--
how hard can that be--
first lets get the proper outfit on--
Looks like we are ready--
here kitty-kitty--
opps--ahhh--Miss Gracie you are suppose to "swallow" that tiny pill-
let's try again--

Ouuuuu--when did your teeth get soo large and --and!!!!
on to the "next" plan==

Let's see what # plan are we on now????
Miss Gracie--don't look soooo scared--
my goodness it is just a tiny tiny little pill!!!!
Where's a "cat whisperer" when you need one?????

Ok--lets try what a couple of our blog friends suggested--
"My cheese"--you are going to give "that" cat my cheese????

Guess what--
no go--
but next time I will feed the pill to the mouse--
and then
let the cat have at the mouse--
that is probably the best "plan" yet!!!!

let me tell you friends--
the next time a Vet hands you a bottle of pills--
and she is smiling--
run--don't walk-- as fast as you can in the other direction!!!!

yesterday--went through 4 pieces of the pills and probably got none down her!!!
Today--I did try another plan--
I crushed the 2 --pieces she needed for today--
and have only given her a "bit" of the powder in every feeding--
so far----so good---
it must be small enough that she is now not tasting it so bad--
and we are using a fish cat food--
it is not the correct way--but I figure the point is getting it in her--
soooo--this is my plan for now--
if this doesn't work--
I will have to try these---
Maybe chop sticks will do it!!!????????

Hope everyone has a wonderful week end!!!
Hugs, Di and a "smarty pants" miss gracie


  1. Oh my...oh my...sounds awful Di! I think you have now become a cat wrangler!!! She's just one smart kitty is all.
    xx, shell

  2. Poor you! I remember going through all that with my last sweet kitty. Check out this site:

  3. I'm so sorry, I have just had the best laugh today at your expense. What really got me going was putting the pill in the cheese and then the cheese in the mouse. Love it. Pay the vet and save yourself the hassle. ; ))

  4. Awwww...look at that sweet innocent face!

  5. Thought of you this afternoon when I saw the treats with the wholes in them for pills. Figured Gracie would figure that out as well.
    Hang in there.

  6. Smart kitty! Tiffi will find pills in cheese and spit them back out. But she can't resist liverpaste (haha). Just find a way to outsmart her - you're right, the point is etting it in her. Keeping paws crossed!

  7. When my dear old kitty boy was still living I did have to poke it way down his throat with my finger. Lucky for me he chose not to bite. Dogs are easier. Stick it in peanut butter and they'll eat anything.

  8. Oh Di you poor thing. I know first hand how difficult giving a pill to a cat can be.
    I think you have the solution now though. I crush the pill & mix it into some tuna. My kittys don't know it's in there & eat it all up.
    Hope kitty is felling better.

  9. This is hilarious but I know it is really not funny!!!

  10. Boy have I been there - many times. What now works for me it to set the kitty on the bathroom counter (or any flat place where you can reach her well), and since I'm right handed, I have her facing to the right. I put my left arm almost around her - but actually resting on her back. With my LEFT hand, I reach up under her jaws, which means my hand is basically around her head, then take the top part of the jaw, with my thumb just under her "lip" on her right side and the rest of my fingers on the left side of her mouth. I gently, but firmly put a little bit of pressure on her back with my arm, and LIFT the upper jaw. The kitty's head automatically goes back and her lower jaw opens. With my right hand hand, I drop the pill down hr throat, then rub her throat to help make sure the pill goes down. I watched the vet do this so easily and decided I could do it too. It isn't foolproof, but it works better than the $12 pill popper they sold me. Geesh. It also helps if you wrap the kitty in a thick towel, THEN sit her on the counter. It's a bit awkward yes, but protects you from scratches and helps her feel secure. Good luck.


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