Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I am not sure which is more exciting???
Getting some of those "unfinished" projects finished--
finally taking the time and energy to do a project that you have wanted to do for ever soooo long--
getting some neat unexpected "gifty's" in the mail--
what is even more "exciting" is have all "three" things happen in the same day!!!

Here goes--
First some "finishes"--
One Christmas dish towel==started before Christmas--
is now finished and  ready for next Christmas!!!
a second Christmas item--
remember I got the embroidery part done a while ago--
got the rest done today--and oh my these are soooo easy--
and they really are cute---think they would be cute for any holiday--
just change the design on the front!!!
this project--started in 2009--
this is rather large and took alot of time--
got the top done last year (2009) and then this year I finally got the hand quilting and the binding done on it--
can you see the "tail" of my helper????
Also you can't see that this quilt is hung from a hanger that says "Believe" on it--
really cute!!!
 And now for the gifty's--
talking about the word "believe"--
Sunny found this in her cleaning out and she knew this was my "word" so she sent it to me to use--Hummmm--thinking on it!!!  Thank you soooo very much Sunny!
this came also--
this came from AU and my friend Joy--
I had not seen this before--but let me tell you--
I love all these small embroidery work designs--
So I will probably be still stitching on Christmas things--
can't wait to do some before next year--
Thank you so much Joy for thinking of me during this time of your moving!!

this is what I have wanted to do for ever soooo long--
Join the "One Flower Wednesday"--
and make these--
Oppps---I think my flower shrunk!!!!
the hexies are only 3/4 of inch in size--
and yes they are for a special project--
and I think I need to make more than one a week--
or it will never get made--plus --believe it or not--
these flowers are addicting!!!!!

Well that's all for tonight--blog friends--
it does look though as if everyone out there is "on fire" in doing there projects---
so may the "force" be with us and we can all continue!!!!

Hugs,Di and a lazy miss gracie


  1. Di Looks like it has been the perfect day....gorgeous finishes...

  2. Well done Di. Isn't it great to be on the up side of finishes?

  3. Beautifully done, Di. Love them all ...

    ~ Pop over for our CSN Giveaway, if you haven't ~
    Have a beautiful New Year ~
    TTFN ~

  4. Di, your Hexie is wonderful! Thanks for sharing with us. Happy that you are having fun with them!

    Miss Gracie is lazy today, so is Miss Abbie! She was laying on my scraps all day and would not move!!! They are two pea's in a pod!

    Hugs to you, Carolyn

  5. Wow....lots of good stuff happening there Di! You could join the stitch-along for your Natalie Bird stitcheries......not sure when it is Chooky Blue for more info.....

  6. Wow....lots of good stuff happening there Di! You could join the stitch-along for your Natalie Bird stitcheries......not sure when it is Chooky Blue for more info.....

  7. What a great day! You should definetley check out the Birdie Stitches BOM. It's so cute! I'm going to start doing it, as soon as I buy my background fabric! It's at The stitchery project you got looks so pretty! One of my goals is to learn stitchery this year. Anyway, I must be talkative tonight! I'll check back later!

  8. Wow! You got a lot done today. I just love all your projects. And you little gifts are just wonderful. Hugs Ariane

  9. Glad it got there Di! I sent it just in case you want to join in on the next stitchalong:
    Love your finishes!

  10. Hallo, thank you very much for your visit and a kind comment:)

  11. I love making hexagon flowers! Congrats on finishing up some projects.

  12. You totally had the best day ever! Lots to be excited about!!!
    xx, shell


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