Monday, January 17, 2011

I DID IT!!!!

I was actually able to accomplish a whole day of a Plan A-----
I know "shocking" isn't it???

It was a close call this morning though--
After a shower, breakfast, and my usual couple minutes of hand quilting--
the plan was to do laundry--

and we all know how easy 'Di' likes to find reasons not to do the laundry--
todays was--"it is too cold--like only '0' out there---and you want me---
to go down and do it this morning"?????
but for whatever reason--my legs walked over to the baskets and I picked them up and off I went--2 loads got done---yep yeeeeeee!!!!
I then ate lunch--got clothes folded and put away--and my dresser cleaned off--

then went down and lil sister and I got the 12:42 bus to wally world--our "kids" needed food again!!!!
Came home on the 1:42 bus and then crashed in my sewing chair--

continued with Plan A--hand quilted some more on the 30's quilt--
and I am all done with the whole center area--
tomorrow I get to start on the border of flying geese--
I am really excited about this!!!!

So I am not sure when the last time it was that I actually got to do the whole Plan A thing--but I did it today--you all might want to mark this on your calendar!!!!!

so I say -- let January be January--
I have lots to sew and quilt and food--especially Chocolate--
Hope you are all staying warm or cool where ever you are!!!


  1. You're early tonight! Glad you had a good day, and got everything done. Give Gracie a little loving fom me.

  2. Woo hoo!!! I do love it when plan A comes together perfectly!!! Good for you girlfriend! Wish I was there to stitch and hang out with you. It's too cold to be outside!
    By the way, are you stitching 12 of hearts???? Are you trying to finish and not start?? Hmmmmmmmm?? hee,hee,hee.
    xx, shell

  3. Well done - you didn't get sidetracked at all, I'm impressed!!

  4. I love days like that! Too bad they are few and far between (for me anyway)! Don't you love getting so much done??

  5. It's always a good feeling when everything goes according to plan! I'm always too ambitious when I plan and too lazy when it counts most! I did do my laundry today though, so high-five!

  6. What a productive day you had! Don't you feel like a million bucks? Glad everything went well and you're staying warm. Is it summer yet?

  7. Wow, laundry and Plan A! That's a good day indeed.


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