Friday, January 14, 2011


And the "sleepy" bug bite me today--
I have these days sometimes--
where I get soo sleepy that no matter what time it is--I just have to go back to bed for awhile!!

But I did work on this quilt some more today--
Only have one more of those white blocks to do--
but then there are some half white blocks along the sides and I still have all those flying geese blocks on the border--but-----!!!!

and I did finish my Novel--and that is a novel in itself--
book is=="i'd know you anywhere" and is by Laura Lippman--
really enjoyed it as was alittle different--just a read good read--
I like those kind of books!!!
BUT-- I did not get my laundry done today---sooooo!!!!

 a quilt story--

I do not believe that I showed you my Christmas gift ---
to me -- from me!!!!
I had found this "OLD' quilt at the shop on the hill a few months ago--
and I could not forget about it--
I had some one look at it who knows old fabrics and she said it was definitely a 1920-1930's quilt and that it had been all hand done--
look at those stitches--
And here is the back--I love the back as much as I love the front--
just look at those tiny neat stitches--
someone put a lot of time and love into this quilt--
and I just love owning it!!
this is the first old quilt that is all put together that I have ever owned--
I did pay a good price for it--but not near what it really is worth!!!!
the whole quilt is in excellent condition too!!!

Hope you have a happy-warm-dry week end--
and don't forget to just relax some too this week end!!!!


  1. Oh that quilt is beautiful!!! And I think that it sounds like you accomplished a lot.

  2. Very nice present to yourself. Course you have been very busy with your tiny little stitches too. You will be all done soon.

  3. Lovely quilt - what patience! Have a nice weekend,

  4. Di that quilt is just stunning!!! What a wondeful gift to yourself. You did good!
    You and Miss Gracie should take a nap under it for good luck.
    xx, shell

  5. That is one BEAUTIFUL quilt!!! WOW!

  6. Beautiful quilt! I've had a couple of those sleepy days lately. It does interrupt the day but it is necessary sometimes when you just can't keep your eyes open any longer.

  7. Reading is always a good way to spend the day - even if it does cut into quilting time and even better if it cuts into laundry time!! That is a beautiful quilt you bought yourself - what a find!!

  8. What a great find, it looks as though your new-old quilt has found an appreciative home. Good luck with your own hexie quilt, look forward to watching it grow.

  9. Oh la la.. this is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. It's beautiful! - look at those stitches. I'm so happy you found it, bought and have it now to enjoy!


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